1 – Introducing

Click for 2 minutes of beach sounds to accompany your walk.

I like walking on the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Never a run – very seldom a stroll – but a walk – a good exercise – and as we age, walking keeps us moving. My wife and I like to walk. We regularly walk at home. We walk on vacation. We walk on the ship’s deck when cruising. So yes, we walk on the beach.

On the beach, many times with her – but sometimes alone. As we walk, conversations can be short or long – the topics deep or shallow – important or trivial. In times of silence, my mind keeps going – thinking – pondering the world. Thinking is also a good exercise because, like the body, the mind must keep moving as we get older.

Now we are snowbirds – people from the cold north heading south for winter. It’s our time away from the gray skies and cold temperature of our home. A time for walking on the beach while being away from our normal routine at home. A time I refer to as my alter ego.

Our time as snowbirds facing the difficult daily questions of wondering about the temperatures at home – wondering what’s for dinner – wondering which way to walk first – wondering about the actual day of the week or the date because we aren’t sure.

A beach walk is a great way to face a new day. Peaceful and serene, the tranquil beach provides a place for therapeutic reflection – a time to work out problems – an opportunity to think about life, love, and happiness – a time to let the mind wander to any topic. After all, breathing in the sea air is a potent elixir.

The beach is a good place to think about different questions – the simple and the deep – or even deep thoughts that don’t always lead to answers. The beach is a cradle of thoughts.

The beach is a place of solitude – but not confined – yet, rather a place of unconfined solitude – a sanctuary – a haven. A different solitude from two regulars I normally encounter – seemingly two loners. The single sandpiper foraging the wet sand. The heron patiently standing still – waiting – watching. Yet, to the sandpiper and the heron, this is not their haven because they are working to fulfill a need – a requirement for life.

The beach is a time and place to be open and free from the everyday grind – a form of escapism to an alternate reality – a time and place for peace of mind and comfort.

The beach is a time and place to be open and free – a good time to contemplate life – a good time to encounter an eclectic collection of personal thoughts – a good time to allow my mind to visit many spheres of thought.

As I walk the beach my contemplations are mental dictations on imaginary paper. Yes – the perfect words of never-to-be published gems that never make it outside my mind. Sometimes poetic in the rhythms of Frost, Keats, or Poe – well, at least in my mind.

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

My thoughts can be simple or complex. Some about wonder – some leading to awe. Others start with awe then lead to wonder. Some are personal, others professional, and others in a wide range of topics – but fiction is a rare occurrence. All this as water refreshes my feet during my beach sojourn.

I look at the sea – sometimes catching boats or ships – other times the rolling waves on final approach – or the pelicans diving for fish. All along contemplating thoughts or searching for a metaphor or analogy. Thinking can be exhausting, yet refreshing, exhilarating, and reflective.

After walking, I attempt to recreate those insightful words. Usually in a notebook – but it’s never the same as the perfect string of words while walking the beach. Nonetheless, a collection of thoughts. Simple reflections from my mind as I walk on the packed sand along the water’s edge where water retreats to the sea. Thoughts that I would eventually transform into individual beach walks.

In time, I took a digital recorder to more accurately note my thoughts – thoughts that I would later transform into a draft. Over time, I would massage, tune, and edit the draft into something usable – then Google serves as a source to polish the rough edges, fill in the blanks, or expand a thought. Then find a video or music to close the walk.

This is the first of what I hope are many walks. Please roll over the three dots in the upper right corner for more information. You may be surprised at what you will find.

The bottom line is simple. I like sharing my thoughts with readers and interacting with them through comments. Besides, I like walking on the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing my feet.


212 thoughts on “1 – Introducing”

    1. Lenora!
      Good to see another friendly face from my past. Glad you used the ocean sounds as background. It helps deliver a calm mood – well, in my opinion. Before taking my recorder, I had to remember so many thoughts when returning to the unit – a difficult task. Having a digital recorder along helps – especially when I remember it!

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      1. You’re so right! I often think of so many things I want to put in my diary when I finally have the time at the end of the day to write in it, but then when I sit down to pen my thoughts down they all seem to vanish. Maybe I should carry a recorder around on my person during the day, haha.


    1. Geri,
      Welcome to Beach Walk Reflections. This post introduces the entire series/blog. Because you enjoyed this one, two others are published, so I invite you to the others. Where are you in Missouri?

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    1. Dawn,
      Happy to see you here. Thanks for coming over. This is the first walk … and with me currently only posting on Tuesdays and Saturdays, you have time to catch up … Just like an apple, one a day. 🙂

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  1. With you all the way on this one Frank. the big difference is we moved permanently to our little island outside of Charleston SC. We abandoned our northern roots without a moment’s hesitation and rarely miss it – except perhaps in mid-July when we are sweltering. Until this year we’ve used the summer for our travels – summer in SC was a bit of a rude awakening, but then believe it or not, it is our busiest season by far for visitors. I assume they’re southerners seeking our beautiful beach and it’s cooling breezes. To my mind nothing is better than a stroll along the water’s edge with nothing but your own thoughts, or the company of a good friend or loved one. Been enjoying your blog since finding it. Looking forward to much more as time goes on.

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    1. Tina,
      Thanks for coming over to see how and why I started this place. 🙂 I enjoyed learn a bit about your journey. We love travel too, and are looking forward to getting back into that routine.

      In 2019, a long-time friend in Ohio decided to move to central Florida to get away from the cold. So far, so good for them. Meanwhile, I’ll stick to being a snowbird.

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  2. This is the perfect leisure hobby, in my opinion, Frank. I would be on the beach if Vince hadn’t wanted mountains. This is a great second place, though. 🙂 Thanks for sharing a link.


  3. I enjoy the sounds of the sea. I also like my four seasons 😉 Though this year was (since it was recorded) the 6th snowiest winter in these parts. Most of the time the fluff stays on the other side of the mountains. Even with or maybe because of all the snow the grass never did turn brown.

    I don’t have any sandpipers, but I do have great blue heron that come to the creek. Being on the edge… and across from a utility easement that won’t be built on ~ we have a mini wildlife preserve.

    Our last ‘beach’ adventure was just few days in OC Maryland. Nice to walk out of where we were just steps from the waters edge. Hoping we get a similar location this year…


  4. Walking in general is a lovely way to center thoughts. I enjoy flat terrain up here in my mountains, but a hill never deters me. The mystery in wondering what is over the ridge is alluring, and the quietude enchanting!

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    1. Margie,
      Thanks for coming over to this one. For me, this sets up all the others. Off the top of my head, about the first 25 focused around things at the beach, such as sand, sun, waves, clouds, sky, horizon, seashells, and more. Then I branched out into a wide-range of topics. The Topics List page shows the walks that have taken place and many of the ones to come – but not all. https://beachwalkreflections.wordpress.com/topics-list/ … Completed ones are linked.

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  5. Is this a Florida beach, Frank? All beaches have their own feel to them. My fist was a S Calif beach. Then the Oregon coastal beaches. Each one sings a different tune. Beaches ground us for the day. Since I couldn’t get there often enough, I would ground myself in my garden. Walking is essential to the body and the soul. I don’t sleep as well if I don’t walk with intention. The way you described a good walk. I usually walk alone. My phone has a recording app and a notes app so if something zings, I can make note of it somehow.. I’m going to miss my trips to the beach for awhile. Sigh.

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    1. Marlene,
      Yes and no. Technically, I go to Alabama – but Florida is only 300 steps away. I probably walk more in Florida than Alabama – but either way, the beaches of this area are wonderful. I took the background image here, but I think I took it in Florida. This beach is great for walking – well, most of the time. I walk a lot there, so I let the mind do its thing with hopes I can recapture the thoughts on paper. Cheers to your love for the beach.

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    1. Mark,
      Thanks for following my suggestion. It just tells a bit of how this came about. After the first 20-25 posts that are topically beach related, the topics cover a wide range. Sometimes, the comments have been so good, I’ve taken comments and molded them into a new beach walk. I think I have a few of those coming later this summer or early fall. Meanwhile, our brain continues to amaze me. Give it a chance, the thoughts can flow into new depths. I’ve made many “I’ve never thought of that” comments.

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    1. Shelley,
      Thanks for following the link. I simply wanted you to know how this place got started. And yes … walking on the beach is therapeutic! My topics are wide-ranging, and listed on the Topics List tab/page. Plus I noted you were in the Midwest, so me too … therefore I’m a snowbird. A bus from Wisconsin normally stays in the same building!

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  6. I can’t begin to tell you how important beach walks are for me! I have healed many things feeling my feet in the sand and the waves gently lapping! Sorry you had to go back up north…I don’t miss that…AT ALL!
    Have a super wonderful week ahead!


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