21 – Dawn *

Special thanks to Jane (Jane Lurie Photography) for providing the photographs. I encourage readers to visit her at Jane Lurie Photography: Jane’s Lens. All photos are copyrighted by Jane Lurie Photography.

Click the video above for 2 minutes of background waves while reading.

I like walking on the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Although a day is 24 hours of daylight and night, sunrise and sunset act as bookmarks to daylight. While on the Alabama coast, I prefer sunrises. Yes, I’m an early bird, but being one timezone away from home and our location being on the eastern edge, I witness many sunrises.

Once in a while, I walk during the pre-dawn light to experience the peaceful, serene nature of dawn and sunrise. Besides, sunrises are never the same. I walk now thinking about what I saw earlier this morning during the time we call dawn.

I awakened early today. The sky was dark and clear, the moon set, the stars still shining, and the sun providing only a very faint glimmer in the eastern sky.

Dark is the night that takes colors from our sight. All the colors seen as shades of gray – but the new dawn begins to dismantle the gloom.

I stood on the balcony high above the sand watching the colors of the predawn light slowly unfold. The narrow red stripe at the dark’s sky edge is what first caught my attention. A distant light source was proclaiming the nearing end of night.

A new light brings a special glow upon the horizon. As the glow brightens, so does my anticipation.

The blend of black, blues, grays, pink, orange, and yellow capture my imagination and touch my soul. The presence of clouds is what delivers the contrast. Sometimes an inner voice from the clouds delivers wisdom or bits to ponder.

Dawn – a time to deeply inhale to capture the freshest air – then slowly exhale to capture the moment.

Dawn – a moment in time when we can open our minds without future fears.

Dawn – a feeling that is a moment that can flow into the new day ahead.

Dawn – the seeing of the light to lead us out of the darkness of yesterday into today.

Dawn – a time for renewal, rebirth, a fresh start, a chance to make amends.

Dawn – a time of hope, a chance to move forward, a change for the better

Dawn – something that we can’t control that marks the transition from an end to a beginning.

Dawn – a time for the conductor to drop the baton for the cacophony of nature music by the aviary chorus.

Dawn – the beginning of the golden shower from above that rains upon life.

Dawn – a free magical moment that too many miss.

The day begins as the bright, glowing proclamator prepares to speak – and then says … “Good morning. You are respected, so go forth – respect others and make the day great.”

Although the sun is well above the horizon when I walk, sunrise is a powerful metaphor for a start, new beginnings, invitations, hope, a person, encouragement, love, motivation, a journey, birth, strength, inspiration, resilience, and much more.

Sunrise – the day has started. Sunrise – the great refresh button for the new day. A time promising a clean slate for the new day – and the time marking another good day for walking on the beach because I like walking the beach – which is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

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150 thoughts on “21 – Dawn *”

  1. …the new dawn begins to dismantle the gloom.
    …time to deeply inhale to capture the freshest air – then slowly exhale to capture the moment.
    …when we can open our minds without future fears
    … free magical moment that too many miss.
    I absolutely loved this beautiful, uplifting, magical post. A beach walk at sunrise is a gift of an experience for this life on our planet. I have to admit I have taken only few opportunities for witnessing dawn/sunrise. And they are so still alive with details in me. Indeed free magical moments available daily that I surely miss – I truly enjoyed the refreshing reminders that they were in the above sentences.

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  2. All very true but I’ll stick to this: “a free magical moment”!!!!
    Dawn is the best time of the day, to me and in a way it encapsulates a full circle. A full day in minutes!
    Thank you for this and thank you for introducing me to Jane. Amazing photography!

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  3. Sunrise – no matter where I am when I experience it – is my favorite time of day. A new start – endless possibilities – another chance – however you feel about it, dawn is a gift. I enjoyed all of your thoughts about it AND the beautiful photos as well.


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  4. I just made a post on FB… but I like to share it with you, dear Frank! There are many things that fascinate me…
    What is around me, not the people or the works of man, but Nature and its magnificence, those Creatures so perfect that we call “animals” and of which we unecesserely feed… the plants that produce the oxygen that we breathe… the landscapes of the woods, countryside, mountains… the expanses of water of rivers, lakes, oceans…
    Our ephemeral nature that accompanies us, an incessant clock that marks our life, until it is silent when death comes.
    Let’s consider it all: make a radical change in the way you behave… soon… now… immediately. You must respect Nature in its fullness.
    Happy holidays, be safe and healthy and share your wonders with us! :-)claudine

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  5. When I read your beach walk reflections, something always jumps out at me. Today, you speak of the colours of sunrise that “capture my imagination and touch my soul”. I know that feeling ~ isn’t it the greatest? It feels like anything is possible, that you can reach out and touch the sky. When I get that feeling, I want time to stand still long enough to savour the moment, because it is always such a fleeting moment, you blink, and it’s gone. Then the light changes, or the wind blows, or a bird sings, all wonderful changes, yet “that” indescribable moment has passed.
    Thank you for yet again another inspirational moment in your life, Frank. 🙂

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    1. Joanne,
      Thanks for the kind words and for the sharing your appreciation of the glories this magic moment gives us. For me, the colors of pre-sunrise are moments of gasp. I know you share many images of the sunsets you get to experience – and those moments touch your soul. A question – do you have a good view of sunrises in the opposite direction? Hope you enjoyed Jane’s photographs.


  6. Dawn was always a special show over the Gulf. On the Texas Coast, unlike Florida sunsets were not an event since they occurred over land (to the West). It was the sunrise that provided the inspiration. Good post, Frank.

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    1. Dan,
      I think about our sunrises … you and I in the same time zone, but sunrise probably at least 30 minutes apart. Yet, the Central Time Zone isn’t that far from me, so the difference is minutes – but off by an hour. Glad you enjoyed Jane’s images. I consider myself lucky to show them here.

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  7. Lots of good points to consider, as per Frank.

    For me, the dawn is a goal, not yet fleshed out but every bit as strong as the achievement you feel at the end of the day when it has been reached. Because the goal is best served when you breathe it in and make it yours then when you simply hope for it.

    And hey, what about that lesser known family member of the Coppola clan? Dawn Corleone?

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  8. I’m not in the best spot to witness the sunrise, unfortunately. I could capture it on my way to my old job at the first golf when I did the breakfast shift. Was always so breathtaking.
    Dawn is a beautiful time of day that I appreciate. What I can see from my window as I pull up the blind is lovely. A fresh start to a new day of possibilities.

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    1. Dale,
      I know what you mean about location because, at home, I have a fabulous view of sunsets – but not sunrise. But when at the beach, I cherish the sunrises more than sunsets. From what I recall about the images you shared with me about the golf club, cheers to your encounters with dawn. Did you enjoy Jane’s images?

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      1. Yeah. I can capture nice sunsets from here. On our cruise in March, I captured a lovely sunrise, You might remember it from a WW on Sorryless 😉
        Yes, Janes images were lovely.

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  9. After a sleepless night, the dawn comes to give hope. Your post reminded me of Yann Martel’s, the Life of Pi: “With the very first rays of light it came alive in me: hope. As things emerged in outline and filled with colour, hope increased until it was like a song in my heart. Oh, what it was to bask in it!”

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    1. Ray,
      Great question – and the answer depends on who is asked/answering … but hey – you asked me so here goes. To me, dawn starts with the appearance of the first light that the sun is on its way … (others may see dawn as the beginning of sunrise) … but defining when dawn ends for me isn’t as easy because I continues after sunrise … but the for how long? I don’t know.


  10. Good evening, Frank!
    Yes, as more of a sunset person (I’d love to see one if the clouds ever lift) I hope you will cover Sunset, as well as dawn.
    Everything you said about dawn is true and perfect. I have witnessed some beauties, but I think not nearly as many as you.
    In my career, I arose on a myriad of days before dawn. Then I missed the dawn, by and large, because work occupied my mind and body.
    Some dawns were terrifying, because I had to drive into the blinding rising sun to get to set on time.
    There is always a lot for us to reflect upon, once you have reflected. Thank you!!!

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    1. Resa,
      Although you prefer sunsets over sunrises, you still have an appreciation for dawn. Both sunrises and sunsets are special times of day – but each has a different feel. Well, at least to me. Notice that I didn’t mention driving into the blinding sun. The reason is, I hate it! …. plus I don’t drive on the beach. 😉 Meanwhile, a walk featuring sunset will probably appear in January!

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  11. I, too, embrace dawn each day. It’s the most hopeful time as well as bringing gorgeous colors to enhance our view. No matter how cold, I open the shades to experience the awakening of the earth. A Townsend’s solitaire perches at the top of the Gamble oak tree every morning in the winter. Tomorrow will be the delight of light on fresh snow.

    But I must caution you on the use of this phrase: “golden shower.” 🤣

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  12. Hi Frank, Thank you for inviting me to collaborate. I find your words especially poignant at a time when we are looking for renewal and hope for the future. A new day is indeed dawning. I’m glad my work inspires you and I appreciate the positive response from your followers. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jane,
      Thanks you for sharing your passion with me here … and thanks for trusting me. As I look around your blog, I’m continually impressed (and of course getting ideas).

      Poignant thoughts about renewal – and oh yes – do we ever need renewal. The other day my wife mentioned about remembering last New Year’s Eve as everyone toasted 2020’s arrival. Little did we know what 2020 would turn out to be. May a new dawn be upon us soon!

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  13. I prefer sunrises, too, and made sure my bedroom gets the first morning light. And sometimes when I go downstairs to the kitchen on the other side of the house and open the shades, I see the moon setting. Jane’s photos capture the light of dawn beautifully. When I had worries as a child my mother would always tuck me in for bed and say, “Things will look better in the morning.” She was right! Sunrises remind me of her comforting words.

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  14. What a great walk, Frank — thank you! I, too, tend to be a morning person (after spending much of my younger years as a night owl!) There’s something hopeful and fresh about the dawn and sunrise. Nothing has happened to mar the beauty of our slice of the world yet, and it’s easy to be optimistic. Sunset, on the other hand, feels more like a winding down, don’t you agree?

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    1. Debbie,
      OH …. “something hopeful and fresh about dawn” …. another wonderful comment that I wished I would have used. Cheers to another morning person. … and yes – although both sunrise and sunsets are glorious events, I end to also see it as a winding down. Plus, I think more people are love sunsets at the ocean because they are sleeping at sunrise. Just a thought.

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  15. I’m running behind here, Frank, but yes, I know Jane and her lovely photos. Sunrise/dawn is my favorite time of day, so my files are full of similar shots, all of which make me feel the peace and joy these do and which your words deftly highlight. Have a blessed Sunday.


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  16. What a lovely post, Frank. I am not much of a “pre-dawn” walker, but early morning is always special to me when I make an appointment. It’s definitely a time to consider what’s ahead, and to push my personal “re-set” button and acknowledge the possibilities in a new day. On the west coast the sun doesn’t rise over the ocean, so I suppose that works well for me in that I am more drawn to the sunsets. But I do enjoy watching the shorebirds very early in the morning. They congregate for breakfast and I often feel like they appreciate a natural force that is carefully tuned just for them. Be well and have a great week, Frank.

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    1. Debra,
      I’ve thought about how the east and west color focus on one of the daily solar events. While on the Alabama coast, (which faces south) I’m lucky to get both sunrises and sunsets over water. Truly lucky! I also get to witness the changing arc. Love your idea of early morning being a time to ” push my personal “re-set” button and acknowledge the possibilities in a new day” Wonderful … so thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoyed the photos by Jane, my collaborator.


  17. Frank, I haven’t come across more befitting experience of dawn. The walk down the tranquil beach, witnessing the birth of a new day is a surreal feeling. Though I don’t stay close to the beach, I did witness the sunrise at a few beach holidays we had been to. And yes, they are divinely magical.
    Thanks so much for the link to my poem too. Much honored.
    Take care and stay blessed!!


    1. Radhika,
      Welcome and thanks for the poem – and thanks for the high praise for this walk. Dawn is a special moment no matter where we are in the world. For me, dawn at the beach is extra special. Part of that is because my home isn’t at the beach – so when I’m there, it captures my heart and soul. The format in this walk is typical of my posts – but the topic is what differs from post to post. Surprise – a post about sunsets is yet to come. I invite you to return.


  18. As you might know, watching the sunrise is my favorite ritual of the day. In fact, I’m watching out the window now as the sky begins to lighten and the first few birds fly across my line of vision. This was beautiful, Frank, in words and images. Good morning. 🙂

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  19. Forgot to say, I too love Dawn – and my most beautiful memory is a hike in Nepal, watching the sun rise over Sagarmatha ( Mount Everest). An almost religious moment.


  20. Absolutely sublime… Loving your blog. Thank you for sharing this for #WQWWC New Beginnings. Beautiful words. And Jane Lurie’s photography is fantastic. All the best and happy New Year to you,

    Autumn Jade


    1. Autumn,
      Welcome first-time beach walker, and a toast to Marsha for being our common link. Calling this post “sublime” made me smile. For my posts, I aim for peaceful and thought-provoking. Speaking for Jane, I know she appreciates your kind words. Hopefully, she and I will collaborate again. Meanwhile, I hope you return. I’m currently on blog break, but plan on returning next Saturday (9th). Meanwhile, I invite you to look around. Happy New Year to you!

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  21. Hi Frank, Happy New Year. Your post about dawn is perfect for “New Beginnings. Your words inspire us to enjoy new beginnings each and every day. I can see why you love your beach walks. Jane is so talented and captured the best of dawn. Thanks for joining us and I’m glad you met Autty. She searched for days to find your comment, but she is a persistent person, and I’m glad she did not give up. Join us tomorrow for “Goals.” Have a great rest of the week. 🙂


    1. Marsha,
      Happy New Year to you! I printed your schedule and have it with my blog materials. (I still edit a good bit on paper.) I knew Dawn would fit New Beginnings, so that was the perfect opportunity to jump in. On the other hand, I don’t see any of the walks fitting Goals – but that’s OK – especially with today being extra busy. It was Autty’s post that I noticed that my comments were going to Spam. Oddly, not on every blog, but enough to give me extra work by reaching out to those where I noticed it happening. Meanwhile, I’m glad you enjoyed this walk and yes – cheers to Jane’s fabulous images.

      Liked by 1 person

                1. LOL … 11 and a half years at the school of hard knocks on the old blog. I recall the first time it happened. Had no idea what to do, other than connecting bloggers I visited to make them aware. Lots of work – but problem corrected. From my end, that also taught me to keep an eye on my Spam folder – which I did. Of course, then I noticed not only did I have to approve the comment, but then the name changed to Array. After several years, I recall thinking about the name and wondering if I could change it. Bingo – that was easy!

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                  1. I don’t often find real people in my spam. When I first started I lived reading it, especially the ones who told me they loved my blog. They were so poorly worded and funny. Eventually, I had enough real people to talk to. I love blogging!

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  22. I don’t think I’ve read this post. Beautiful photos! There is something about being up and watching a new day begin as the sun peeks over the horizon. I don’t like to get up so early, but I do it a lot, and there is something so refreshing in the early hours of the day. …especially at the beach 😊

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