34 – Rainbows

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Click the video above for 2 minutes of background waves while reading.

I like walking on the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

After a storm passed yesterday afternoon, a rainbow appeared. It’s a beautiful sight from the balcony high above and across the sand and water. Then it hit – there is the topic for the next walk.

Rainbows – that natural phenomena displaying the color spectrum in the sky. Yes – nature’s prism that grabs our attention before warming our heart.

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com

Rainbows span the entire continuum of colors. Surely you remember ROY G BIV – a name I’ve used multiple times on these walks – a name that is a mnemonic device for remembering the order of the colors.

Rainbows remind us of our first glance at a box of new crayons.

Thinking about rainbows brings some words to mind – bright, brilliant, glowing, deep, radiant, rich, vibrant, and vivid – but certainly not garish or gaudy. To me, rainbows are not flashy – but eye-catching.

For us to see a rainbow, sun and water droplets are needed in the atmosphere. The components must be perfectly aligned and in the right amounts for the water droplets to refract, reflect, and disperse the light. But we also have to notice because if we don’t, we won’t see it’s beauty. I’m sure you have experienced the feeling of disappointment when answering “No” after someone asked if you saw a recent rainbow.

Rainbows can be a double. Compared to the first, the second is faint, and the colors are mirror-reversed. That is, red is on the outside of the first rainbow, but on the inside of the second. I’ve never seen a triple rainbow, but they happen.

Rainbows appear to us as an arc, yet they can be a full circle. When in Alaska years ago my wife took a plane ride around Mt. McKinley. Because this was in the days before digital I had to wait until developing the pictures before seeing the phenomenon she saw – not only a circle rainbow on the clouds below as she was flying high, but the plane’s shadow enclosed within the circle.

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com

However, I did see miniature segmented rainbows in the low clouds at sunset during a visit to Zion National Park. Something hard to describe – therefore hard to imagine.

Rainbows are a flame of many colors – a visual treat delivering a message of dreams, optimism, hope, and joy – all aiming for a positive tomorrow through the special moment of now.

Rainbows cause us to stop, pause, and dream – even if it is just for a moment. Maybe one thinks about the pot of gold at the end – wondering if the leprechaun will be guarding.

Rainbows are a place – a magical place. That place in the sun gives us something we want to touch or even sit upon – even for just a moment.

Rainbows are all the colors embedded in the emotions within our heart, soul, and mind – in the colors of our many moods – calm, crazy, desire, fire, happy, passion, rage, and soft. Rainbows are the fantasies we hold, as well as the tears and fears. We love that aerial splash of color that suddenly and unexpectedly appears.

Life isn’t all sunshine – yet we chase rainbows. Whether realistic or not, they appeal to us – drawing us to something special – something gracious – uplifting -something touching our heart.

Life isn’t always innocent and simple – life has its difficult times. However, rainbows give us happiness and hope – a moment serving as a respite from the current trials and tribulations.

Photo by Matt Hardy on Pexels.com

Life is realistic – and not always dreamy. While some chase the dreams at the end of the rainbow, others say do not chase them because they are unrealistic – unattainable – unlikely to happen – but who does not look for something more?

A special song tells us that bluebirds fly, dreams that you dream, and a wish upon a star are somewhere over the rainbow – the place where I hear babies cry and I watch them grow.

Yes, I’m glad I saw yesterday’s rainbow because it allowed me to think about them today as I walk. Perfect for remembering that I like walking on the beach, which is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

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86 thoughts on “34 – Rainbows”

    1. Fraggle,
      Absolutely. If someone doesn’t like a rainbow, there’s something wrong. Several years ago when visiting Zion National Park, I saw rainbow fragments. It’s hard to describe, but they were free-floating bits. Never seen anything like it before. Meanwhile, if this post brightens a day during these crazy times, I check the “job done” box.

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  1. I know rainbows are a scientific phenomenon , but they always seem like a bit of magic to me. And yes, rainbows for hope, too. As I was reading, I thought, Frank has to end this with “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” I love this version. I think I first heard it on an ER episode. 😀.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Merril,
      Something magical about a rainbow says it all. Interesting how so much of about rainbows stick with us because of timing. I recall a rainbow while we were on a bus from Prague to Krakow. Nothing special about it, it was the time and place. Meanwhile, I love this version so much, I never considered any other song for this post.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I like what you wrote about rainbows are the colors of the emotions embedded in the heart. And that’s one of my favorite renditions of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Thanks, Frank. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” is still one of my favorite songs – as a kid it was magical to think the rainbow held such wonderful things and every time I would see one I would get so excited. I’ve seen rainbows all over the world and always “hear” that song in my head when I see one. Rainbows at the beach are a SPECIAL treat……all the beauty of the ocean capped by the subtle colors of a rainbow – has to be a message for all who see it…….there is SO MUCH beauty in the world and no matter what happens to try and erase that, it never will. Rainbows will always be there to remind us……………………


    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful photos to accompany your words, a lovely post emphasizing the rare beauty rainbows. Seeing a rainbow on the beach must be a memorable experience! No matter how old I grow, rainbows never lose their awe inspiring power. A poet’s contribution, regretting the attitude of philosophy and science toward this phenomenon, once a powerful promise by God:

    “…There was an awful rainbow once in heaven:
    We know her woof, her texture; she is given
    In the dull catalogue of common things.
    Philosophy will clip an Angel’s wings,
    Conquer all mysteries by rule and line,
    Empty the haunted air, and gnomed mine—
    Unweave a rainbow…”

    Lamia John Keats 1819

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mary Jo,
      I think one of the reasons why people enjoy rainbows is that they are so expected. They don’t schedule their appearance, so when they make an appearance, we are caught by surprise and become enchanted … and that feeling stays with us no matter our age. This past summer, we saw a rainbow that hung therefor what seemed to the eternity … but I’m guessing at least 45 minutes! Thanks for the kind words and for giving all of us the beautiful words from Mr. Keats.

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  5. Ah, Frank, did you omit mention of the Rainbow Bridge (that place where ALL good dogs go when they die) on purpose or by accident? I think I’ll always love rainbows. They don’t scream at us for attention, but they attract our notice and appreciation through their beauty and silence.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Debbie,
      Oh yes – perfect – rainbow don’t scream for attention. … just perfect. I’ll give you an honest answer on that one. We’ve had 3 pets – all wonderful – and I’ve never heard that term until today. Otherwise, I would have used it. But it is a fitting term for our pets because they are so special to us. To me, losing a pet is one of the difficult times in life. However, thanks for introducing this term to me! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheryl,
      I’m with you – rainbows are a positive subject. As I write this I’m trying to think of one negative about them, and I can’t. Reminds me of the walk featuring Bubbles because “bubbles” is a word that is difficult to say in an angry tone.. Glad you enjoyed this and thanks for the kind words.

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  6. A beautiful post again, Frank! I always stop the car if I am driving and spot a rainbow. I think we stop in our steps, all of us…because of the enigma. Even if it is scientifically explained – it makes us wonder. Unfortunately I have four beautiful friends who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge…but it makes me smile to know they will reach sunny meadows where they can run free.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Leya,
      Thank you for your kind words I tend to think that when most people see a rainbow, the tendency is to stop and marvel at the sky show, and dream. For you, it’s stopping to take a picture – and both are a good thing. Cheers to the joy your 4 pets gave you. Hopefully, they have meet my three.


  7. Beautifully said Frank. I would love to take the blood pressure of people who look at rainbows. I would hazard a guess that it would cause people to become calm. It always does to me.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The colours of light are a spectrum and therefore the identified colours “arbitrary.” Sir Isaac Newton added orange and indigo to the colours of the rainbow in 1704 because he had a fondness for the supposedly mystical properties of the number 7.


          1. You’re welcome!
            We’re dealing with it, somewhat poorly. We are not the worst but France is ranked closer to the worst than the best in all the measures.


  8. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a rainbow from a beach setting; but then again my beach walks are limited due to geography. Glad you were able to see one on the beach. Your accompanying video (a personal favorite of mine from the famous but tragic Hawaiian) made me smile recalling some of the more memorable ones I’ve seen in Colorado which often include brilliant doubles. 🌈🌈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Monika,
      Oh… double rainbows are common in Colorado? Lucky you. Have you noticed that one is mirror-reversed than the other? Glad you enjoyed the song. I can remember the first time I used the video on aFa – a post about a good friend who expectedly died. Actually, think of him every time I hear this song! Thanks for the reminder!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They seem common, perhaps we just expect them. 🌈 🌈

        Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole was a beloved artist whose life was cut short much like your friend. He had such a wonderful voice and he’s no doubt smiling that he’s brought happiness to people all over the world.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. A list of places and rainbow memories, some very unique flashed my mind while reading through your post, and indeed the moments became magical just by thinking of them. Some were spotted unexpectedly, some leisurely and some as a much needed sign of a blessing. As pleasant a sight as rainbows are, yes it takes a difficult patch of weather of life to finally see a rainbow.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. PD,
      Unexpected and rainbow are like hand and glove – rainbows at unexpected times in unexpected places lasting an unexpected amount of time delivering unexpected blessings and memories … and yes – sometimes after strong weather. But I can’t imagine seeing a rainbow after being on the receiving end of the devastation of a tornado or hurricane. Then again, that may help some people.

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  10. Aahhhh Rainbows … those magical colors that appear in the sky and make us smile.
    I have a friend who lives in Hawaii for 6 months and Florida for 6 months. She’s told
    me that the rainbows there are magical. We can all use a little magic right now.
    Be Safe …😷 Isadora 😎

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Who doesn’t love rainbows? I didn’t realise that the second one was reversed in colour sequence.
    And, this is the mostest, bestest, beautifulest version of Over the Rainbow out there.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I don’t think I’ve ever outgrown a childish delight in rainbows, Frank. As you well understand, we don’t have a ton of rain, so they’re rare. But when I have the good fortune of seeing one, especially if it’s a double, I am almost giddy. I can’t honestly say I’ve ever experienced one at the beach, but that would be a true delight!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Oh yes, rainbows are full of magic. As you say, drawing us to something special and inspiring so many uplifting songs and beautiful paintings. “Rainbow Connection” as sung by Kermit the Frog is one of my favorite songs… Very nice, thoughtful post, Frank.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks so much, Frank! I had not seen this rendition before. 🙂 I think I will use it in a post this spring, when the skunk cabbage starts coming up. I was enchanted by the setting, Kermit surrounded by skunk cabbage, like that which used to grow in springtime in the swamp behind my childhood home… Memories…

        Liked by 1 person

  14. The first thing I think when I hear the word rainbow is Judy Garland, which dates me. But that’s okay, I like thinking Wizard of Oz.

    As for the infinite varieties of colors and responses to a rainbow, there’s the idea that science and religion really do share a common thread after a good rain. I do believe that, every time I look up and see a rainbow.


  15. Lovely, Frank. I love rainbows. I see them everywhere! Once you start looking, it’s amazing how many you find. The light’s always giving us treats. Love the song! I was humming Kermit’s Rainbow Connection the whole time I was reading, too.


  16. love the walk today with the beautiful rainbows reminding us to continue to keep the faith and the reflective colors of the the chakras.. bopping to the beat with your song posted.. ……
    That’s where you’ll find me….. flying with the blue birds!!! ❤️❤️🤗


  17. “Rainbows are … a magical place … in the sun”
    A sighting sees us peering out the window, squealing in delight when we are fortunate to spot a double; one of those pure, blissful encounters with nature.


    1. Ju-Lyn,
      Ah yes … the specialness of rainbows. I just can’t imagine anyone not stopping for at least a moment to look and give a good sigh or smile. Then add the special moments as seeing a double or one of exceptional brilliance or a complete, uninterrupted arc, or one that simply stays for a much longer time normal – one has to take in those special moments. Enjoy your weekend.


  18. Oh, I’m a bit late catching up with you. And what is it about rainbows that always brings out our inner child and makes our her sing? And I always look for the pot of gold. No luck yet.


  19. Rainbows truly are magic…especially at the beach. You have blessed me with hearing one of my favourite songs. I don’t often think of Israel’s compilation so it is always a pleasant surprise when it crosses my path. It makes me think of rainbows and beaches. Thank you. I needed that.


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