51 – Spring *

Special thanks to Amy for providing the photos. Amy is in the USA and I encourage readers to visit her photography blog Heaven on Earth. Amy is currently dealing with family matters, so she has blocked comments. But still visit to see her photos and feel free to comment on her images here. Besides, she may make a surprise appearance here. Amy’s work is copyrighted by Amy Rose Photography.

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I like walking on the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Spring is the time of Earth’s increasing tilt relative to the sun. Spring in one hemisphere exiting winter – but autumn in the other hemisphere moving toward winter. No matter if one is in the northern or southern hemisphere, spring is the seasonal time between winter and summer.

Although a calendar date associated with the position of Earth relative to the sun determines its start, spring is a time linked to increasing temperatures and biological activity above and below the ground. Increased ground temperature causes bulbs to awaken, seeds to germinate, sap to move upward from the roots, and initiating new growth.

Spring is a time when melting snow and spring rains transform creeks into streams, streams into small rivers, and rivers into larger swollen versions of its normal self – sometimes water overflowing the banks. 

Spring is a time of unstable weather – a time for thunderstorms, tornadoes, supercells, and wide temperature swings. However, spring is a special time of year – a time when rain falls, puddles dot the ground, plants green, and the sun warms – all leading the way to a transition time that is alive, booming, and anew. Spring is a banquet of life’s newest bouquet.

Spring is not subtle – it is chaotic. Spring keeps us guessing and on our toes. We are anxious – a time when we want to be released from winter’s cage to go outside – so spring tests our patience. Coming off winter, we want it now, forgetting we have to go through a difficult transition when winter reminds us it doesn’t want to leave while other days tease us with what is to come.

Yet, spring is a time when winter rares its head saying “not yet” reminding us that nature is in charge of the transition – a time that is beyond our control. There is something to the idea that the first month of spring comes in roaring like a lion, then ends like a lamb.

Spring is an act in nature’s ballet involving a changing wardrobe by donning green to replace the gray and brown. Spring is a time we want to match what is happening outside – a time when we transition from coats to jackets – from long sleeves to short sleeves – from heavier clothing to lighter – from duller colors to bright and brilliant. 

Spring beckons, and then living things respond. The sun is getting higher over the solitary field that is ready to burst forth because it is nature’s time to respond with a spectrum of colors. Spring ignites a vitality that winter subdued, so spring delivers a feeling of relief and eternity.

Spring is the time when the sun is nature’s soft kiss while the refreshing air makes us giddy with excitement – so spring draws us out of the house to dance in the spring wind. Yes, spring is a time of shaking off the winter blues after months of seasonal slumber.

Spring is a season of life’s awakening, rejuvenation, and new beginning with sprouting bulbs leading the way – followed by birds returning, seed germinating, and stems greening.

Spring is a time when nature sounds its trumpet for life to respond. Birds flirting and building nests, insects buzzing, newly-born animals making their way into the world, buds opening into flowers flashing new color while other buds appear as new growth or future flowers. Buds, blossoms, seedlings, blooms – a time for daffodils, tulips, lilies, and crocuses – for pink and white dogwoods, purplish-pink redbuds, yellow forsythias, blooming fruit trees, and the annual, glorious display of cherry blossoms.

Spring is a time we associate with spring break, spring cleaning, the spring equinox, and increased outdoor activities – a time to open windows, hands to smell of soil, clothes stained with green and brown – a time when we mow, till, hoe, cut, spade, water, clean, fertilize, and plant. Spring is the time we cherish the smell of freshly cut grass. 

Spring is a special time of year following winter while also being the gateway to summer. Spring is the time life prepares for a summer party – a time we start feeling the sun’s warmth and seeing brighter colors. Spring is a joyful time when we are most hopeful for a positive tomorrow.

Although it is currently winter here at the beach where I walk and at my distant home, to me – compared home – spring has begun after a short winter. I am confident that after returning home, winter will deliver at least one. “I missed you” message, but odds are those messages will be brief.

From my perspective, my time here shortens my winter and extends my spring by allowing me to begin to enjoy the rainbow of spring colors much earlier. Besides, I like walking on the beach because it is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

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179 thoughts on “51 – Spring *”

  1. I lean more towards spring and autumn in seasons because it is enchanting to watch nature in spurts of colours. Spring is a wonderful time for strolls. I like how Amy has captured the brilliant hues of springtime. Lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ‘Spring is a season of life’s awakening, rejuvenation, and new beginning’ – Rightly said! Spring means hope for new beginning. The vibes, colours are all so refreshing to witness. Just as Amy portrayed in her images your post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kritika,
      Welcome first-time beach walk to the friendly sands of my personal beach. Positive vibes and colors lead the way to spring being a time of refreshing. Glad you also enjoyed Amy’s images. Cheers to your joy for travel. Where in the world are you located?


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