56 – Dreams *

Special thanks to Ritva for providing images of her art. Ritva is in Finland and I encourage readers to visit her photo blog Ritva Sillanmaki Photography and her art blog, Art by Ritva. Please tell her I sent you and feel free to comment on her images here. She was also willing to try something different for me – collages. Any thoughts? Ritva’s work is copyrighted by Ritva Sillanmaki Photography.

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I like walking on the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Last night, I had one of those weird dreams that make no sense to me. So, why not think about dreams while I stroll the sand?

Dreams – the succession of involuntary images and thoughts that play like a movie as we sleep. Telling stories that sometimes we don’t understand, but some people try to interpret them because dreams seem to be a symbol for a deeper meaning.

Dreams – that high brain activity of the unconscious mind we associated with REM (rapid eye movement), dopamine, deep sleep, nightmares, fantasies, recurring, compelling, progressive, and the bizarre.

Dreams may be about deep desires, fears, or oppressions. Some people see them as omens, prophecies, warnings, and good signs or bad.

Dreams are independent with a freedom that is beyond our control. Whether a nightmare or bliss or something in between, the dreamer is helpless.

Dreams hang onto hope – something we can have – so one can cling to that dream.

Dreams are the subject of art, religion, music, movies, short stories, and novels. We think of Alice, the Cheshire Cat, and the Looking Glass. They are the Field of Dreams, Dream Girls, and Don Quixote’s Impossible Dream wrapped into one.

We Dream On while knowing Sweet Dreams are made of this. Major Nelson dreamed of Jeannie in the bottle, which wasn’t a Nightmare on Elm Street.

We link A Midsummer Night’s Dream to Shakespeare, but we sing to Daydream Believer, Dream a Little Dream, and A Day for a Daydream but, we may fill The River of Dreams with tears of joy or sorrow.

Dreams aren’t limited to sleep because we can daydream. You know about daydreams – that daze, trance, hypnotic state when the mind is elsewhere while we are unaware of our surroundings.

We daydream about somewhere, sometime, or someplace as a fantasy, a wish, a yearning, a possible something that is set in the heart. The dream of the first kiss can lead to reality, which could mean more.

We also associate dreams with aspirations, ambitions, ideas, ideals, and goals – a target, objective, or intention. A dream can be a hope that one longs for – maybe something very possible or the unattainable pie in the sky.

The dream that one thought would never happens may become real at an unexpected moment – a moment that is cherished and never forgotten.

A dream may be a possible idea from a visualization of reality – a solution – a new idea – an innovation – even something revolutionary. Dreams are what could be, but how we get there is also important – and that requires a vision with goals and a plan for achievement.

Dreams inspire creations as writing, art, and music for many others to enjoy and apply personal meaning.

We dream in our language to deliver a variety of messages. I could be an American dream, a sweet dream, or a pipedream. That dream house, dream job, dream vacation, or dreamboat may be beyond one’s wildest dreams – yet we remember the Dream Team and sang to Dreamboat Annie.

I can’t forget that those with (or had) pets think we’ve seen our pets dreaming while they sleep, but we don’t know if they were. Research says pets dream, but researchers don’t know the storyline. Can you imagine a pet’s dream?

Dreams are more than a mental story while we sleep. Even when weird like last night, dreams are good for something to think about on this day because I like walking the beach, which is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

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