90 – Red *

This is a collaboration with multiple photographers. The photographers are (in order) Elizabeth (in Canada) @ Tea & Paper), Jo @ RestlessJo (in Portugal), Margaret @ From Pyrennes to Pennines (in the UK), and Marsha @ Always Write (in the USA). Thank you, ladies, and I invite readers to visit these fine people of WordPress.

Click the video above for 2 minutes of background waves while reading.

I like walking on the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Red is not a typical color naturally found on this beach. I occasionally see tints of red in some shells – most commonly on black shells. This time of year, a common sight is a red flag serving as a warning to visitors of water’s hazardous conditions. A double red flag aims to keep people dry by closing the water.

Come summer, I’m sure red will be evident here: red umbrellas, red chairs, red clothing, red kites, and even the red skin of sunbathers.

Not all reds are created equal because red comes in a wide variety of shades of different intensity and brightness. We identify different shades by names as burgundy, cardinal, carmine, crimson, garnet, maroon, ruby, scarlet, and vermillion. We also use well-known substances to identify the red, such as brick red, blood red, fire-engine red, and candy-apple red.

Red is a primary color. We mix it with blue to move toward purple and violet – with white for pink – with black to darken – with green for brown – with yellow for orange, but there are many shades of purple, pink, brown, and orange.

Red is the visible color with the longest wavelength – and the first color in ROY G BIV’s rainbow spectrum. Infrared waves are even longer than visible red, but we cannot see them – but specialized cameras make them visible by detecting heat.

The night sky gives us glimpses of red – Mars, the red planet casting a visible red hue. Jupiter with its characteristic Great Red Spot that we cannot see without a telescope. Distant stars are known as red giants, red supergiants, and red dwarfs based on their temperature and size.

I have seen an occasional red in the pre-sunrise sky – but orange is the main show at sunrise and sunset – yet we say red. A legend says that the red sky in the morning is a warning sign of bad weather ahead – but the red sky at night is a time of sailor’s delight as an opportunity to paint the town red.

Red is a common color in nature – but again – in different shades. Apples, cherries, strawberries, radishes, raspberries, ripe tomatoes, cranberries, and peppers are a few. Numerous animals display a reddish-brown coat to get names as red squirrels, red foxes, and red deer. Some birds display a brilliant red, including the rooster’s red comb or marking designating a male.

Although I don’t see them now, I know life in the sea displays red – such as varieties of sea anemones, lobsters, crabs, and markings on some fish – but various species of prized redfish display redder.

In the plant world, red is the color of many flowers, but images of roses, poinsettias, and poppies came to mind. Red is one of the beautiful colors of autumn foliage. The red pigment is not present during the growing season but develops in late summer before displaying its brilliance.

Iron’s presence gives rocks a reddish color, which to me is closer to orange. The red rocks in the western United States make a beautiful picture when combined with a blue sky.

Dogs and cattle cannot see red, but bulls react with aggravation to the matador’s moving cape that happens to be red. People with the most common type of colorblindness also cannot distinguish between red and green. Genetics explains why this is much more common in males than in females.

Red is the color of human blood: bright red when oxygen is richly present – but very dark red when oxygen is low in amount. Sorry to disappoint, but human blood is never blue.

Red is a color we associate with heat and human traits like passion, anger, love, joy, seduction, vigor, beauty, courage, and even good luck – plus, red is the color of flushed faces.

Red is a color that attracts attention – from stop signs to traffic lights – signs to emblems – clothing to symbols – no wonder red is an important color in advertising. Red also symbolizes danger, adventure, revolution, blood, warning, power, violence, sacrifice, and war.

Red is one of the colors marking societies – a color on ancient cave paintings – use of various red dyes to enhance color, some of which are banned in some countries. Red is the color of red-light districts, the color of the “A” worn in The Scarlet Letter, and the symbolic color worn by militaries, especially with dress uniforms – so we think of Redcoats and the Red Army.

Red is a color of identity: color on the flag of most nations, and a major color of many sports teams; however, the shade of red varies.

Red is one of the two common colors of wine. Interestingly, winemakers can produce red and white wines from red grapes, but only white wine from white grapes.

Red is a color of expressions about behavior. It’s a red-letter day when we catch someone red-handed trying to get around the red tape. After analyzing the politician’s speech filled with red meat for the partisan, the speech wasn’t worth a red cent.

From lasers to symbolism, speech, clothing, signs, red tide, religion, politics, sports, foods, myths, legends, and more, red is a prominent color in our lives. It has been important for a long time. Even though more can be written about red, I like walking on the beach because it is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

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Published by: Frank @ Beach Walk Reflections

A baby boomer living in Ohio with a variety of interests ranging from sports, wine, ballroom dance, food, education, politics, religion, and whatever comes to mind. After 11+ years at A Frank Angle, a new blog is open. With Beach Walk Reflections, Frank shares his reflective thoughts while walking on the beach. Come on over for a relaxing, thought-provoking walk. https://beachwalkreflections.wordpress.com/

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126 thoughts on “90 – Red *”

  1. Take it from one who knows red is perceived in many ways. Is there anything more beautiful than a red rose or red sails n the sunset. Interesting that Redheads are more likely to be bullied in school than other. children , for example “ I’d rather be dead than red on the head”. The color red is beset with stigma. I enjoyed the links Frank . Have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Holly,
      Thanks for getting us started and for sharing a variety of your insight about red. I hadn’t thought about the bullying aspect, but I can see that. On the other side is the beauty the color provides. After all, who doesn’t like the feeling and touch of a red rose. Enjoy your weekend!

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  2. Ahhh, red in the fall on the burning bushes and the hawthorn berries are so bright. In the winter if some remain, they become like little bright splashes of color among the bleak and stark white snow banks. Or little sparkling jewels when encased in crystal glaze after an ice storm.

    I like the rosy red cheeks we can see on our children when they come in out of the cold..

    I like seeing all the various birds we get here, and many of them have red…the whole bird, the wing tips, the head, or head and chest or just a red spot/dot on the back of the head. My fave birds with red on them are the pileated woodpeckers and the red headed ones too…very rare to see them here, but on occasion I do! Red polls, purple finches, rose breasted grosbeak, hairy and downy woodpeckers (the males), flickers, scarlet tanagers, redstarts, robins, bluebirds, towhees, redwinged blackbird, red bellied woodpecker, male ruby throated hummingbirds, sandhill cranes, the wattles of male wild turkeys, and I guess by now you know I like to watch te birds! I bet you see different birds when you go to Florida and the beaches you walk on.

    Right now I have an angry red blob on my left upper arm…I had my Covid Booster and t decided to give me grief…hope it abates soon…

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    1. Ingrid,
      OH wow … love the tidbits you added to this boast. The birds of your area are similar to mine, and your list reminded me of the feeders we had at our previous residence. Cardinals against the white backdrop of snow are a special sight to behold. For me, the burning bushes are currently showing their stuff. Oh the wonderful blaze I can see from the back balcony. Wondefful! … but I could have forgotten the rosy cheeks of cold and the redness of irritation. Excellent additions – thank you!


  3. I find my mind wanders when I think about colours, Frank. I often wonder if we all see the same thing. For example, using that fabulous photo of the red bus, I see what I know to be the colour red. Someone else may be seeing blue, but call it red as that is the name they associate with the shade. Imagine if we all saw the colours differently, we really would be living in our own separate worlds! Told you… my mind likes a wander! 🙂
    Have a great weekend, Frank.

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    1. Tom,
      Your mind may be wandering, but you points are telling. You bring up a great point because we don’t know what others see – and have a difficult time trying to imagine what they see. Normal color vision is special, but for those with a variety of versions of colorblindness is something totally different. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I was always a fan of blue….until I reached “middle age plus” and all of a sudden RED was ME. I love the vibrations RED gives off – I wear touches of red now that I avoided most of my life. Red is such an “alive” color and a red scarf or sweater causes me to also wear a smile on my face. I still like the calm of blue but red – oooh la la! Great post Frank…….


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    1. Pam,
      Very interesting history of your color preferences. I like your description of red as an “alive color” …. especially the thought how a splash of red is such a great accent accessory. Perfect! The calm of blue is wonderful, but cheers to your excitement for red! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Merril,
      Glad to put red into your head for the day. It’s hard to imagine what others see – especially those who have a version of colorblindness. Because of your husband, you realize it more than most of us … and finding the match of what we see compared to what others see is difficult. I recall a person tell me that I was wearing a similar shirt as someone else … and the colors were way off! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Oh, I love your color …walks and red is a favorite. Wonderful post, my friend accompanied by beautif photos (kudos to all the ladies!) Also reminds me of the darkroon, developing films.
    Yamas and happy weekend!! 🍷

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  6. This time of year, I see glimpses of red leaves while walking our red haired dog (Irish Setter). Maddie says “red is the best color” but she might be biased. She does collect comments from passers by. I enjoyed all the various nods to the color red, Frank – well done.

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    1. Dan,
      There is no question that red is one of the wonderful colors of autumn. Not only the tree leaves, but also the other plants to display a rosy vibrancy during this season of change. On the other hand, I’m confident Maddie isn’t biased toward red. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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  7. As a child, I hated the colour red. I was a natural redhead of the copper shade and I stood out. I was usually the only one with red hair and yes I did get bullied. As a shy child I wanted to disappear but I couldn’t. As an adult I came to terms with the colour of my hair and now that it’s going blonde I’m OK with it. Natural shades of red do not go gray. The hair doesn’t have the brown pigment to change to gray. I’m OK with that too! Love the post and all the different shades of red. It is a beautiful colour.

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  8. It’s fun writing on the abstract. I did a list on red once… but I think your write up is more factual. Plus you ended it with a scene from American Beauty. Wish I’d thought of that…

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  9. Thanks so much for linking to my post, Frank. I’ve seen you around, but just never got here. I remember when you started this ‘new’ blog, and I certainly enjoyed this entry. As a confirmed beachwalker myself, it’s right up my alley (or dune, as the case may be).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Shoreacres,
      Welcome to my beach and thanks for joining me on this walk plus leaving a comment. I see that you are on the Texas coast, so cheers to your love for the beach. I’m in Ohio … but my writing is all based on the Alabama coast. Hope you return. 🙂 … PS: I think it’s Linda. Correct?

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  10. Reblogged this on Tea & Paper and commented:
    Red is today’s theme for Beach Walk and Reflections. I’m so happy my photos are featured in Frank’s beautiful post! His posts are always calming and grounding. If you don’t know Frank yet, please visit his blog and have some beach bliss! 🙂

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  11. Red is a beautiful color and feelings toward red can go in many directions. I was one of those bullied kids because I had red hair but later on women were dying to have my hair color. What’s interesting is there are 134 shades of red – just ask a woman that wears red lipstick. lol

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  12. I think you’ve covered most things here, Frank. Love Elizabeth’s tomatoes and Marsha’s snazzy cars. I used to have a Chinese style red dress that I was really fond of ‘back in the day’. Love that lady in red grouping in Margaret’s shot. Interesting video with rather a dark side.

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    1. Jo,
      Thanks not only for pointing out the photos you enjoyed, many thanks for your collection – especially the red dessert that I had to include. Santa is a great example of red that was another must – but for me, the red on the boat caught my eye. I agree – the view has a dark side – but so much red sold me.


    1. PD,
      No question that Red is a unique thought for the beach. I already had walks about blue and green which are more fitting for the beach, but because they were well received, I started thinking about the other colors of the rainbow. More will come in time. Thanks for the kind words about the words and the photos by the collaborators.

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  13. The color red can invoke such passion wherever it shows up. It’s one of my favorite colors in nature from shades of leaves in autumn to fresh spring blooms and everywhere in between. Plus red wine always perks my internal spectrum. Happy weekend.

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  14. I’m glad I read your red, Cincy. And no, that’s not a pun to pin on your local baseball team. It’s to acknowledge how cheeky and clever you are in this piece. Apologies to the Dodgers and Patricians everywhere for laughing at your blue blood crack.

    Red is a vibrant hum to me. It grabs my attention and holds it. As you did with your thoughts that danced in synch with these plush captures.

    Well done good sir

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        1. It’s the NFL … after all, Jaguars beat the Bills. Browns are physical up front, which is tough on the Bengals. Burrow sacks 5 times. Besides pressure on QB, Browns secondary did well against the receivers. Thumping two weeks in a row is a concern. Bye week coming at a good time.

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          1. I don’t believe the Bills. Yes, they’re good but I don’t consider them Super Bowl good. The Bengals still need to shore up that line. As for the Browns, they’re great one week and not so much the next.

            Watched the last quarter of the Chiefs and Packers. What happened to Mahomes???

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  15. I wonder if red isn’t the first color we’re taught to recognize as children?? There are so many red things, and it’s an easy word to say. Thanks, Frank, for another interesting, thought-provoking discussion while we amble along the sandy beach!

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  16. Red is such a great colour – it comes in so many hues one is bound to find one that matches our colouring 😉
    Love that video at the end. I was amazed at how many movies I recognized.

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          1. I just remembered the last time I went to see Chris DeBurgh, when he sang this song, he went out into the audience and picked out all the ladies dressed in red and did a turn with them…

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    1. Amy,
      Thank you for the kind words. This is the first time I used multiple collections of a topic from different people, and it seems to meet with approval. 🙂 It’s also interesting that different photos strike people differently. Then again, I know you know that! Thanks for sharing.

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  17. I do love the color red, and didn’t know dogs couldn’t see it. All these years with dogs and I learned something new. 😉 One of the eeriest things to see is how gorgeous our red skies can look when wildfires are present, even at great distance. Lots of orange, yes, but red, too.

    Beautiful photography from all your contributors, Frank!

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    1. Debra,
      No matter the color, give the mind a chance to think, it will come up with many things because colors are so much of our lives. After I did blue and green, the idea of using the rainbow (ROY G BIV) came to mind. I have drafts for orange and yellow while cheating on the last two with purple (which is not as far along in development) … but I’ll get there. White and black are also in development, plus I can see brown coming into the fold because it is such a predominant color on the beach. Off the top of my head, gray is also in the pipeline. Glad you enjoy the post and the photos!

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  18. Seeing red, are ‘ya? I adore shades with blue undertones, but not the ones with yellow undertones. Give me a cherry, not a tomato. When it comes to colors, I am fussy.


  19. HI aFrank,
    Red with so many wonderful descriptions and varieties of shades in your post.
    I had a friend who owned a candy-apple-red mustang. Candy apples in the fall … YUM!
    During my theatrical, dance days, red was my hair and nail color. It’s a toned down version now.
    I love the strength that red feels like. Have a good week …
    Isadora 😎

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  20. I’m glad to get to read this since I obviously missed this, Frank. Glad you could link this with Sunday Stills, you have plenty of deep rubywine reds. I enjoyed your discussion of the color red and it’s impact and influence over moods. Thanks again and have a wonderful week and Thanksgiving!

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  21. Thanks for featuring my pictures, Frank. I am honored to be included. You have some magnificent other shots from Elizabeth. I did not realize this had posted. Luckily Terri had a post on ruby red wine and you responded. It posted the day before my 70th birthday and the anniversary of the day my first husband passed. It was a red-letter day for me. I can see why red might be a difficult subject for a beach walk. I had never thought of it not having too much red in it. Here’s a red rose for you, congratulations for a post well done. https://alwayswrite.blog/2021/09/07/fotd-7-red-roses/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marsha,
      Glad you got her to see your photos and those from other bloggers. We communicated via email, but I know how other things pop up and take us in a direction causing us to forget. After all, a big birthday can distract us. 🙂 No problem. I initially told Terri that I didn’t think my Red walk qualified for her Ruby Red theme, but she said give it … so I did. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing your photos and making this post work!

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