160 – Kiss

Click the video above for 2 minutes of background waves while reading.

I like walking on the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Today is a beautiful day. The sky is clear, the air is warm, the breeze is light, the water is refreshing, and with the tide low, the beach is great for walking. While the water caresses my feet, the breeze and sun kiss my face. The feeling is bliss – maybe more. Besides, the day is perfect for the topic.

Kiss – a special touch involving lips – lips to hands, lips to a cheek, lips to lips.

Kiss – a peck, smooch, nibble, smacker, snog, and canoodle – a greeting, a sign of affection, love, and desire.

Photo by Asad Photo Maldives on Pexels.com

A kiss can make time slow down as the heads get close. Eyes close – then time stands still when lips lightly touch – a moment frozen in time – so the lips stay together with the hopes stands still.

A kiss is the light release followed by a smile or a gentle moan – a time for another one.

A kiss can be light touches – slow, easy, and gentle – but they can be heavy and full of passion taking the participants to new heights.

A kiss is an intersection between the sanctuary and the muse – a way to get lost while feeling safe and secure because a kiss is a sign of trust, happiness, hope, pleasure, love, and even peace.

A kiss starts with a look in the eyes – a time when we see stars – a time we close our eyes to start the dream – dreams of what could be – dreams of what should be – dreams of what will be.

Photo by Mateus Souza on Pexels.com

Planned, expected, or a surprise out of the blue, the first kiss is one not to be forgotten – that moment in time when time stopped – a time of being lost in the moment – a time of losing yourself. Can the first kiss be replaced?

A kiss is a time of no talking – a time when action is worth many words.

A kiss is a time of no stress, a seal of affection, a feeling of acceptance, or a willing conquest – even a surrender. No wonder kisses touch the soul. No wonder we can’t get enough of them.

A kiss centers on the lips – a place concentrated with nerve endings. No wonder the body releases endorphins and we feel euphoric with warm chills.

A kiss is the combination of the softness of cotton, the taste of honey, and the scent of roses coming together on the lips.

Photo by Rodolfo Clix on Pexels.com

A kiss can cause us to dance in the rain because kisses are the steadiness of Waltz, the smoothness of Foxtrot, the passion of Tango, the tease of Cha Cha, the foreplay of Rumba, and the love of Bolero.

A kiss is nature’s gentle rain on Earth and the light breeze touching the trees as lovers sit in the shade.

A kiss is a story about Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty, and Romeo – about being awakened by a special kiss from someone special.

Kiss is a universal language delivering a message across any spoken language. No wonder we seek them. Kisses can bring tears and buckle knees, but we need them as if they are heavenly mana.

A kiss is a memory like Bogard and Bacall in Casablanca – like Jack and Rose on the Titanic – like Fred and Holly kissing in the rain in Breakfast at Tiffany’s – like Rhett and Scarlett when he gave a damn.

Photo by Loc Dang on Pexels.com

A kiss is something we do out of respect, tradition, and thankfulness when we kiss the ground, a ring, the Blarney Stone, and the feet of statues.

A kiss is a light touch in billiards – something different from the kiss of death, kissing tears, or telling someone to kiss off – but some people like to kiss and tell.

A kiss is the softness of the water that washes over my feet as I stand looking across the water. A kiss is a way we say so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen goodbye – but also say hello. Ahhh – a kiss is a good thought for my day. A kiss is a reason I like walking on the beach – plus it’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

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106 thoughts on “160 – Kiss”

  1. If I think about it, kissing has definitely changed for me over these many years…..there was the hot and heavy stuff in the beginning when I was young and discovering the depths of my own nature….then as the years went by kissing became less about wild passion and more about expressing caring, tenderness, closeness. Appreciation of relationships – even as they change through the years a kiss is still a kiss. Happy Monday!

    Hugs, Pam

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  2. Yes, even our pets, especially our dogs give love kisses.
    A couple of our cats honored us with kisses, too. In reality I think they wanted to taste us, LOL!

    I enjoy seeing the old fashioned kiss on the hand. We don’t see that anymore these days.

    I know a family whose last name is Kiss. Imagine that…

    And totally off topic, is the acronym K.I.S.S.
    I need to practice that way more in my life, and I suspect many others should as well.
    Keep It Simple, Stupid!

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    1. Ingrid,
      You add some good ones! Thanks … Kisses from pets made me laugh, and dogs love to lick us. Cats just show their affection other ways. KISS as an acronym is also good. I’ll have to remember the old-fashioned kiss on the hand. Thanks for the reminder.

      PS: I invite you back for the missing video …. it features strings! 🙂

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  3. A lovely ode to the beauty of a kiss Frank. I must agree with Laurie, a kiss can be so many things, both welcome and no so much! I’ve had my share of both kinds and definitely prefer the former LOL. And I enjoy the thought of other kinds of kisses – such as the gentle lap of the ocean over ones toes or the softness of the summer breeze through the trees. A lovely thought to start the day.

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    1. Tina,
      Thanks for the kind words. Interestingly, although I’ve include a lot about kisses, readers have already provided ideas that I wish I would have written! Meanwhile, given your location, I know you receive the kisses from the sun on your skin, the wind kisses on your face, and kisses from the waves washing over your feet. Lucky you to have it at your disposal.


  4. Over the pond here we have Kissing Gates, they allow people, but not livestock, to pass through. The normal construction is a half-round, rectangular, trapezoidal or V-shaped part-enclosure with the free end of a hinged gate trapped between its arms. When the gate is touching an arm it must be pulled or pushed to pass through.

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    1. Fraggle,
      “Kissing Gates” is a term I don’t know … so thanks for the introduction. I did quick search for images, and I’ve seen them before. Well … that’s assuming I’m seeing what you meant! 🙂 I invite you back to see the video that was missing (due to my typo).

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    1. Debbie,
      Glad you enjoyed thes essay … and thanks for walking along. Cold, damp, and gray here too … .but tomorrow is supposed to be better … and because we aren’t that far apart, I hope that’s the case for you, too! FYI: A typo prevented the video from appearing this morning, so I invite you back to see it.

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  5. Kisses are very versatile and can be designed for all sorts of moments in time. Selecting the perfect kiss for the moment is half the fun of the act itself, I think! While we refer to other things as having “kissed,” I suspect we consider the most valuable kind are between humans…or our pets. Those are the kisses with the greatest magic. Great piece of music at the end, Frank. Have a great week ahead!

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  6. Kiss (Or KISS?) is a classic rock band that comes to mind, as does the Prince song of the same name. The rest of it is nothing but trouble!

    Didn’t mean to give this post the kiss of death, Frank . . really. You can tell me to kiss off if you want to, I’d deserve it.

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    1. Marc,
      I know the band and the Prince song. Interestingly, I associate the song with ballroom dance. We had one lesson with a lady instructor from out of town who appeared on Dancing with the Stars as a guest performer. Yes … damn good …. There was (but not longer) a video of her with her partner doing an unbelievable dance to the song. Unfortunately, it’s been taken down. Meanwhile, because I not sure of about this sarcasm thing, but I think you may be using it on me in the comment. Then again, I wouldn’t know.

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  7. What a beautiful and romantic look at such an intimate expression, Frank. There’s nothing like a first kiss, or the kiss from a child, or an elderly loved one. Such a lovely thought!

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  8. Frank, the way your mind works has me sitting in my chair in awe of you. Wow!! You actually got my heart rate up just thinking of past kisses and those of my present day. A kiss holds so much more then mere words yet you managed to describe a kiss in succulent ways. Incredible post!! Kudos!!! And a huge thank you!!! xo

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  9. Such a romantic take on the prompt, Frank! Nice job. It must be my dang, it’s one more day to the workweek mode, but all I could think of when I saw the word kiss is using it as an acronym KISS (Keep It Simple Silly)…since there’s no beach in my morning walking routine, I’ll do my best to think of the waves crashing on my feet to kiss my worries away as I stroll in my boots through the ice on the roads. 😉

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    1. Shelley,
      Glad you liked this walk and thanks for sharing some of your thoughts. Describing this essay as romantic made me smile. You also made me laugh with the acronym KISS because I say Keep It Simple Stupid. At least your version is nicer! Meanwhile, the sounds of the beach at the beginning of my essys will help transport you to the beach during the cold days of winter.

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