170 – Gray

For anyone excepting Wisdom v2, sorry about that. I made a last-minute adjustment so I could align with Terri’s Monthly Color Challenge. If you don’t know Terri, I invite you to stop by but tell her I send you.

Click the video above for 2 minutes of background waves while reading.

I like walking on the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Clouds are heavy today – gloomy to some. The wind is stronger than normal, and a bit brisker – but conditions are acceptable for walking. Looking around, the topic for this day seems obvious.

I think of two colors that are one in the same – gray and grey – one for the Americans, the other for the British, but others can decide the one they prefer.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Gray – a noun, adjective, verb, personal name, or words such as gray, grays, graying, grayed, grayer, and grayest.

Gray – the color between black and white. The ratio of black to white determines the shade of gray.

Gray – a common descriptor of the weather, as in cloudy, overcast, gloomy, and dreary. To some, gray is one of the colors of winter. My typical winter in Ohio has its share of gray, which is one reason for my winter escape as a snowbird.

Gray – the color of a foggy morning – those low clouds that envelop us, limit our visibility, and can also stay the entire day along this coast.

Gray – a monochromatic color – the many shades of gray we see in black and white photographs and pre-color televisions.

Photo by Stephan Seeber on Pexels.com

Gray – the color of many rocks, downtown buildings, the moon, battleships, slate, charcoal, and concrete. There is even gray clay, but not all clay is gray.

Gray – the color of seals, porpoises, dolphins, many fish, elephants, foxes, squirrels, and numerous birds are a few of many gray animals.

Gray – the color of many metals – steel, platinum, lead, tin, and others.

Gray – as in hoary – the grayish tone of a covering of frost or whitish hair – even gray-haired or a gray beard.

Gray – is related to the elderly – those growing old and mature – commonly with gray hair – yet gray power is related to their influence, and the gray dollar is for their purchasing power.

Gray – the color of certain parts of the human brain – as in gray matter – the brain’s processing areas and centers for thought and intelligence.

Gray – the color we associate with a person’s face – as in pale, tired, aged, ill, ashen, pasty, colorless, bloodless, waxen – and even white.

Photo by GEORGE DESIPRIS on Pexels.com

Gray – seeming the color without interest or character – the faceless, characterless, colorless, nondescript, insipid, flat, bland, dry, and stale.

Gray – associated with hair from worry and stress. I think of comparing pictures of presidents when they first enter the office and when they leave. Similarly, parents mention their gray hair caused by kids.

Gray – in US history, a member of the Confederate army in the US Civil War.

Gray – the area between two extreme positions – or that undefined area that doesn’t conform to rules.

Gray – a prominent color today in decorating and home renovation programs featuring combinations of gray walls, cabinets, flooring, and furniture.

Gray – the color of night – a time when everything seems to be a shade of gray. Do you remember these words: Cold-hearted orb that rules the night, Taking colors from our sight, Red is gray and yellow white, But we decide which is right, And which is an illusion? (“The Lament”, Graham Edge, Moody Blues, the conclusion of Nights in White Satin)

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

I think of fifty shades of gray with the man in the gray flannel suit named Dorian Gray riding into town on an old gray mare who ain’t what she used to be. However, the old gray mare symbolizes something aged, obsolete, or outdated. But wait, Tom Dooley wasn’t the Gray Ghost.

Gray – the color of many shells I see on the beach – shells displaying many shades of gray ranging from light to dark.

Gray – a color that many see as dull – but it is a color that seems to be full of thoughts for this day. The day may be gloomy and overcast, but it is a good day to walk. After all, I like walking on the beach because it is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

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101 thoughts on “170 – Gray”

  1. I think you have covered all the many shades and faces of Grey…oops., Gray!
    I once knew a family whose surname was Grey.
    Someone I work with has a son called Grayson…he must be the son of Gray:)

    When its all cloudy and a grey day, then I find it easier to be outdoors, since there is so much less glare, and it for sure is easier to drive with the sun-visor up, instead of blocking half of my view.
    While I never met my Father in law, his color of choice was gray. He had his suits all tailor made in gray, and he even painted things in the house gray…but their house was red brick…pretty soon after that, mother in law repainted everything that was gray to a more cheerful color scheme. I wonder if he had eye troubles?

    Here is a funny thought. I have not ever seen a grey M&M candy! Black ones, yes, but no grey! LOL!

    You know; I have trouble using the word grey…because I prefer that ‘e’ spelling instead of the ‘a’ one. Go figure!
    Oh, I was wearing a purplish scarf Friday, with pink, white, black and *grey* designs on it…

    Have a great weekend, Frank!

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    1. Ingrid,
      This is perfect. Right off the bat we discover the world of gray vs grey. I think I’m stuck with gray because the people I’ve known have been Grays while you’ve known Greys. Definitely a crazy world this gray/grey thing can be. So interesting about your father-in-law – and then what she did after his passing. Today, gray interior pain is classy – well, in my opinion … and why not a gray M&M! Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Good morning, Frank. They sky isn’t even grey yet because it’s still dark. Sometimes, like a couple of days ago, it simply looks dreary, but other times, I enjoy seeing all the grey shades of the clouds/water at the river.

    I think “grey” has more depth–it’s more nuanced and more mysterious than “gray.” (Some people get that, and some don’t.) I use gray when I need the correct American spelling. 🙂

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  3. Rather than thinking of it as a “non-color”, I find gray to be a “pause” color. Gray is waiting to be colorful or fade away to black. Gray is neutral and open to possibilities. I have few gray hairs on my head so I think it’s making up its’ mind to go all the way or just be a reminder that I am not a youngster (as if I needed reminding). Gray can be nothing or everything. I choose everything.

    Hugs, Pam

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    1. Pam,
      A color of pause …. hmmmm … such an interesting descriptor. The other day we say a unit painted gray – so classy and subtle when well done. In terms of the hair, the people I know who decided to go gray haven’t regretted it! … Oh … and I find gray cats to be beautiful!


  4. People think of grey as monotone, but grey has many tints–looking through my embroidery thread box makes me hyper-aware of that. Where is the line between grey and blue, grey and brown, grey and red, grey and green? It’s hard to tell sometimes. (K)

    and now I’m thinking of the Monkees…(showing my age)

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    1. Kerfe,
      I’m with you the many tints. … simply so many shades. The continuum of colors is amazing. I like the deeper tones of gray that deliver calm and elegance. As a whole (but not all), many of my readers are closer to our age … so many of us deal with that gray. Thanks for walking along and sharing.

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  5. I love a gray overcast day! Gray interior decors are beautiful. Gray blends with everything. It’s a color you can’t go wrong with, or so I think.

    I also love lots of color and sunshine and fluffy white clouds. Colors reflect our mood, but we certainly can’t paint our surroundings every time our mood changes. We all seem to have a favorite color and that’s usually what we surround ourselves with.

    I hope the gray matter in my head stays where it belongs! Nice walking with you Frank. Gotta go get the sand out from between my toes.

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    1. Ginger,
      I’m with you in my enjoyment of interior gray decor … especially the paint. It screams calm and elegance to me. Another comment mentioned how gray skies make the other colors pop, so maybe decor works the same way. Now – in terms of your gray matter – squeezing the sides of your head inward 3 times a day for a week will help. Think breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days. Good luck, and thanks for sharing and walking along.


  6. I’m enjoying reading the comments on how to spell gray, Frank. I end up spelling it with e as well, maybe because I’ve watched “Grey’s Anatomy” on TV all these years. In any case, gray as a color can be a gorgeous neutral and I’ve found it makes a good backdrop in photography for capturing greens. I’m always amazed how much greener and some other colors pop under gray skies. Excellent thoughts today and I always appreciate you linking your Beachwalks to Sunday Stills.

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  7. I’m not British but I tend to use grey instead of gray. Not sure why. This bit made me laugh: “I think of fifty shades of gray with the man in the gray flannel suit .” I didn’t and won’t ever read the book, see the movie if there is one, or whatever, but I know the premise so this was funny to me.

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    1. Janet,
      Thanks for chiming in on the gray vs grey. Interesting how different people see it. Thanks for sharing the line that delivered a chuckle. I haven’t seen or read of the the fifty shades stuff, but in that sentence I saw a chance of weaving two movie titles together into whimsical nonsense. Thanks for joining me today.


  8. Wow what a perfect video for this post, Frank! It inspires me to experiment more with black and white (and gray). Gray colors can really make a photo more powerful! And with regards to life, and the days, gray is what we make of it. So, let’s embrace gray!

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  9. Living in Toronto, I know grey. It’s grey here now, and has been almost every day since November.
    It is de-energizing. Still, creativity is its own sun, and in that regard, I need to put my sunglasses on.
    Did you know all fabrics start out grey? All fabrics begin as greige fabric. (pronounced “grey” fabric).
    It is the international name for raw woven fabric, regardless of fibre. The term comes from a combination of “grey” and “beige” because Cotton Greige Fabric is typically in a gray or off-white shade.
    I learned so much here. I hope I taught you something that you didn’t know!

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    1. Resa,
      The gray (and brown) of winter is what my wife doesn’t like … well, along with the cold … so that’s why winter is beachwalking season. Fabulous info about fabric and greige. I had no clue. The other day I was actually wondering about what you would add from your professional side. You must have received my vibes! Love it … thanks for sharing and cheers!

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  10. Somehow a gray day gets a bad rap Frank, but for golfers a gray day can be just what the doctor ordered, especially if it’s summertime in SC!! I love the color gray and wear it all the time now that my hair has gone that route. It actually started turning when I was 20, which I inherited from my dad. I loved it then and I love it now. It’s just so darned easy LOL. I also love gray clothes and my office is done in gray also. I guess I was just ahead of my time !! Fun post this week on one of my favorite colors (or lack thereof!)

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    1. Cindy,
      Funny how you have grown into an acceptance of gray. I’m not sure, the use of gray paint seems to be a relatively recent trend – but I’m not sure. I think it’s classy and elegant! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the video because I take the selection seriously.

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  11. I always found gray to be the color that hides all the more vibrant shades. So maybe it isn’t the most visually stimulating of colors, but what lies beneath is sometimes way more interesting.

    It’s a gray (or in London, grey) morning here. But soon there will be plenty of colors going on in the form of some football. I got the Bengals and Cowboys winning, so bet the other guys.

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    1. Marc,
      Thanks for the interesting take on gray. Mentioning London, I shifted to the Pacific Northwest with its seemingly perpetual gray skies of winter. A person from Seattle told me something interesting. She’s a runner and grew up in the open expanses of eastern Washington, which doesn’t get the same gray of winter as Seattle. She said that running in Seattle during the winter felt closterphobic – which took time to get used to. Thanks for chiming in.

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  12. Gray also is that indefinite area between two polarizing opinions, right, Frank? You know, some people are so “married” to their opinions that they don’t have room for new ideas. Lots of interesting ways of seeing the blended grays!

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    1. Debbie,
      Absolutely. Besides agreeing, I also winced thinking – I wrote that! …. Nope – that point is in another that is actually in the queue for sometime in February (I think). Interesting that I used the thought there, but not here. Maybe I had it here then transferred the idea to shorten this one. Who knows … but I still agree with your point! Thanks for sharing.

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  13. Gray is a colour that is so full of layers. It goes from almost white, to almost black representing almost every emotion possible. When I paint with acrylics, if I mix too many colours together I get gray. That always interests me. It’s like gray is a combination of it all. Comforting. But that colour gray can focus our emotions like no other colour can. I think that’s pretty powerful.

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  14. Frank, you have me smiling. We have been covered in gray for 45 days, then ONE day of sun, and then back to gray now for 6 days. Now when I see the gray I’ll have data courtesy of you of all the other grays in the world. My goodness the way you research and THINK is amazing!! I actually wrote a post on gray but I think you missed that one. I will say this. Your post is proof that when it gets dingy outdoors especially for those of us photographers who depend on good lighting, the creative genie comes out and wow what is being created! Thank you for sharing your genie, dear friend. You continue to amaze …..


  15. Vancouver has had rain and grey skies for most of January. Grey is a colour that is often overlooked, but it has a unique beauty that can be used to create a variety of looks. To me, grey creates a calming atmosphere, a sophisticated look. Grey skies and rain reminds me that soon we will see the snowdrops and daffodils arrive to add vibrancy to grey.

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  16. I have a feeling about gray, like it is the foundation and the beginning of earth, of us, of our thoughts…all before they bloom. It’s a good thing. We need a solid foundation, we need gray, the wisdom of our elders, before we can grow our own life color. Thank you, Frank.

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  17. Lately grey has been the neutral of Mother Nature. In sunny Colorado where we average 300+ days of sunshine, the past 3 days of grey skies and flurries are an outlier. And it’s showing up in interactions with peeps. Millennials and Gen Z’ers may favor grey in their home decorating, but it seems to make them less than gracious in their interactions with people.

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  18. I find walking on the beach on a cloudy gray and misty day very appealing. Somehow gray shows much better outside in nature. But I’m finding the gray paint on indoor walls and décor very cold and uninviting and am more drawn to warmer shades of brown. Funny how that works. Enjoyed reading your thoughts about gray in all its variety.

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    1. Barbara,
      Thanks for walking along and sharing your thoughts. Wow … you like walking on the beach on a gray, cloudy, misty day. I don’t mind gray and cloudy, but I’ll pass on misty. Probably because I wear glasses. Interesting how everyone has different tastes and perspectives about gray interiors. Although I like them, our place is primarily earth tones! Hmmm ….

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  19. I love gray weather days when they appear on occasion. I’ll admittedly get a little stir crazy if there is a week in a row of grays, but for each season I think occasional gray days give us a different perspective on the world around us. I used to think wearing gray was a non-starter, but now I find some shades of gray to be very appealing. The only thing I think I’d be “out” on the color gray for would be interior walls in a house. When using the word to describe something being in a “gray area”…while it often means to me being neutral between opposing views, I feel I am also describing the subject as “cloudy” or “hazy”…maybe needing to be understood even before a view can be stated. Enjoyed this gray day, Frank.

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    1. Bruce,
      Thanks for sharing your multiple thoughts about gray. Cincinnati winters have a lot of gray in the sky and brown in nature …. but not much white. Typically, we snow falls, it can be gone quickly … well, except for the big piles in the parking lots. Coupled with cold days, the drabness of our winter bothers my wife. My wardrobe as many black, blue, and gray slacks …. but I like bright colors with shirts – but not all. For thinkers, the gray area is a wonderful place to be! How about them Eagles! Good luck with the tough task ahead. Them 49’ers have won – what – 10 in a row?

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  20. Hi Frank
    We love (the different shades of) grey, a colour that was discriminated since Goethe’s ‘Theory of Colour’ from the beginning of the 19th c onwards. On the other hand, grey contrasts fine with the colour of the skin and was always liked in fashion. Bright colours look beautiful against grey.
    And like Bruce we love grey days, nothing is more boring than bright sunshine.
    All the best
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      1. Dear Frank
        you might not know our part of the world, the East Anglian coast, has one of the longest hours of sunshine in Europe yearly. But we love to travel north to Greenland and Svalbard where the colour range is mostly between very light and dark grey.
        Unfortunately we had to live in Greece and in California many years ago, we couldn’t stand this permanent sunshine. Actually the sunshine kills colours.
        Keep well
        The Fab Four of Cley
        🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


          1. Hi Frank
            We were risen in Scandinavia and really love the nordic climate and life style.
            We worked for a short while in San Diego before before we went to the McGill University in Montreal. Montreal we really loved.
            Keep well
            The Fab Four of Cley
            🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  21. Bonus points to you for mentioning The Moody Blues! 🙂 Gray is becoming a very popular car color, too, distinctive from silver and I’m noticing it on luxury cars. I appreciate knowing there are so many beautiful ways to consider gray, and that not all associations are tied to those of us who fall into that “aged” category! 🙂

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    1. Debra,
      You catching the Moody Blues reference made me smile. I remember of it very early in the drafting of this essay, therefore wondering how I was going to work it in. Your addition of gray cars is a good one – and differentiating it from silver. I recall seeing one car that was a light gray – putty-like. A rare shade for cars. Thanks for sharing.


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