Hey photographers! If you are willing to share your images as a collaborative effort for a beach walk, Beach Walk Reflections is looking for you. My hopes are below.

  • We agree on the topic of my words with your photos
  • I would need a minimum of 4 images of your choice – preferably 5-6 (most of the time, collaborators go into their archives)
  • Collaborators will email images to me in a web-ready format
  • I do the work assembling the post and display images as large
  • At the beginning of the post, I promote you, your blog/website/social media
  • I desire reciprocal promotion of our collaboration on Beach Walk Reflections to encourage your readers/followers to visit here
  • I welcome collaborators to interact with my readers, but certainly is not required
  • I will add collaborators will be added to the Honor Roll page

Click the Topics List page to see what captures your attention. For more information or to arrange a collaboration, the email form below is a way to contact me.

Bottom line: I do the work, you supply the images, and we promote each other. Besides, I’m flexible and easy.

Examples: Moon* (with Robin), Dawn* (with Jane), Sea* (with Otto) : NOTE: Collaborations have * in the title