Honor Roll


To the collaborators who bought into the idea of my words and their photographs. I thank them for the trust, praise them for their skills, and appreciate them sharing their world with others. I invite anyone who sees this to visit them. All photos in the collage below are copyrighted by the photographer.

Amy (USA) @ Heaven on Earth (40-Seasons)

Photo by Omar Houchaimi on Pexels.com

Ann-Christine (Sweden) @ Leya: To see a world in a grain of sand (35-Fog)

Crispina (UK) @ Crispina Kemp: Myths and other gifts (12-Clouds)

Dale (Canada) @ A Delectable Life (41-Cold)

Dan (USA) @ No Facilities: Random thoughts, life’s lessons, hopes and dreams (15-Sky)

Fraggle (UK) @ Fraggle: Rocking a camera across the Universe (38-Signs)

Jane (USA) @ Jane Lurie Photography: Jane’s Lens (21-Dawn)

Janet (USA) @ This, that and the other thing (32-Rain)

Photo by Dids on Pexels.com

Jude (UK) @ Cornwall in Colours & Travel Words (Beaches v2)

Margaret (UK) @ From Pyrenees to Pennines: We went to France … and then we came back (33-Storms)

Marina (Greece) @ Marina Kavanaki: Art Towards a Happy Day (43-Blue)

Otto (Norway) @ In Flow with Otto von Munchow: Creativity is within us all (29-Sea)

Robin (USA) @ Breezes at Dawn: The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you (8-Water, 18-Moon, 24-Tides)

Ritva (Finland) @ Ritva Sillanmäki Photography: the world as I see it (44-Faces)

Steve (USA) @ LightWaves Images (45-Stars)

Tina (USA) @ Travels and Trifles (47-Travel)