119 – Dark

It’s time for a blog break. My hope is a short one – a week or two.

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I like walking on the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

As I work toward the water, dark clouds are on the horizon. I am uncertain of the direction it is moving. I walk my normal trek with a watchful eye on the sea. Being aware of its presence – to stay alert. Maybe thinking about an appropriate keyword will help me maintain awareness.

Dark can be a noun or an adjective – plus its forms can be an adjective, verb, or adverb. Besides dark, think darkish, darken, darkly, darkness, darker, and darkest.

Photo by Adrien Olichon on Pexels.com

Dark is that shade or color that is much closer to black than white. Dark reflects very little. The darkest hues of blue, purple, green, gray, and red only expose traces of a color dark is attempting to hide.

Dark is a time of day as in night, nightfall, nighttime, and the midnight hour – all times of darkness – but “be home before dark” has a specific meaning for parents.

Dark is a place absent of light. A place one cannot see their hand waving in front of their face. Now that’s dark – pitch dark. To human sight, having only the faintest light is still dark – but not pitch dark. Even when walking around the neighborhood at night, the houses are shades of gray – but not the colors they display during midday.

Dark allows us to see the nighttime stars – maybe even the Milky Way. For stargazers, the darker the better – but they may also wonder about the dark side of the moon.

Dark is not only related to light, but dark is also a complex word about a time, place, or feeling. So, dark is a powerful metaphor.

Photo by Elu012bna Aru0101ja on Pexels.com

Dark can be an expression such as angry, threatening, moody, brooding, sullen, dour, scowling, forbidding, ominous, sinister, evil, wicked, sinful, immoral, bad, ungodly, and unholy. All these can be seen on the dark side.

Dark is pessimistic, such as gloomy, dismal, negative, downbeat, grim, somber, and fatalistic. Maybe the dark clouds on the horizon are an omen for a storm, a fear, or a personal problem.

Dark is a time of tragedy, unhappiness, and unpleasantness, such as tragic, disastrous, calamitous, catastrophic, and cataclysmic.

Dark is a situation as grim and depressing – such as the darkest hour or dark times as they serve as an omen of an undesired outcome.

Dark is something we associate with a cellar or a dungeon – even death and a grave.

Dark is the lack of knowledge or understanding – a state of ignorance – a time of stagnation, no growth, without enlightenment – the Dark Ages or in the dark.

Dark is about the unknown, the seemingly unsolvable or even unexplored – yet when found, dark becomes the light of knowledge. After all, whistling in the dark also carries the hope of being found.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Dark can also be a playful word carrying a variety of meanings. The dark horse is synonymous with a shot in the dark. Human nature has a dark side, but hopefully one does not choose to be left in the dark, leap in the dark, and intentionally leave someone in the dark.

Dark is a closed theater – possibly a day without a production – therefore, a day off for the cast and crew.

Shadows are dark – and seemingly even darker is the outline of a dark figure in obscurity – yet Dark Shadows has a different meaning to those of a certain age.

Dark – the place where the one not mentioned resides.

Today is not a dark day. The sky is now bright. The earlier dark clouds offshore had either dissipated or moved on. Something good has come from the silver lining of those dark clouds – so today is a good day. Plus, I like walking on the beach because it is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

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108 thoughts on “119 – Dark”

  1. Hi Frank… I’m afraid these are dark times at the moment, the Ukrainian war situation has a dark cloud hanging over Europe .. here is a few words I posted to a friend a few minutes ago..
    “Black “lines” below dark clouds.
    Dark clouds hang under sad skies
    The sad sky decries
    Children are our butterflies
    Please stop the warring lies”
    … Enjoy your break Frank ..

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  2. Interesting points on dark, Frank. I like the dark at night, but don’t like the dark times we are currently living in. I like the darker shades of the colours you mention but don’t like the dark sides of people.
    Dark is one of those finely balanced words which can totally change the meaning of a sentence, and dark humour is still humour, but not everyone’s cup of tea. And then we have the darkness within; the dark mood that hangs around under our own dark clouds.
    And then, without the dark we’d have no Light… that what keeps us all going!
    Enjoy your break, Frank; see you when you return.

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  3. I think we’re all of one mind and in distress in the situation we find ourselves, Frank. An escape to the stars or a dark volcanic sandy beach seems like a good idea. For those who can! We’ll go there in imagination. Yesterday evening we were watching a feature on Kilimanjaro , the hazards of the ascent and the thrill of standing on the top under the brightest most prolific stars in Africa. How can we juxtapose a world where this is possible with the war zone of Ukraine? Have a good break, Frank.

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  4. Like others, I can’t help but note the dark times we’re living in. Yet, I’m also aware that on a dark, cloudy day, we still see shadows from the sunlight that does get through.
    Enjoy your break, Frank!

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  5. We’ve had more than our share of dark days lately, Frank. And last night, we had a thunderstorm. Therefore, I’m kind of ready to gloss over this “dark” stuff and concentrate on light again! Enjoy your sunny day, my friend.

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  6. I think of the dark as womb-like: comforting and protecting and yet it has, well, a dark side. The unknown is hidden within the dark and it is waiting… waiting…. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men . . .”

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  7. Excellent post, Frank.
    Dark does have many meanings, uses, iterations.
    The dark I’m thinking about now, is Ukraine. Hopefully, the dark cloud over the country will have a silver lining. I can’t see it right now, but I hope!

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  8. For a small four-letter word, dark sure conveys an almost endless variety of definitions, Frank. You picked a great one on which to think! You mentioned dark in terms of the theater. This week hubby and I are going to see the Broadway musical, Wicked, (my second time). I recently re-read the book and it is DARK. The musical was lightend up quite a bit or no one would pay money to see it. Thanks for the dark but enlightening beach walk!

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  9. So interesting to see “Dark” as the topic of your beachwalk and I enjoyed reading through the different aspects of it. There is a undeniable beauty in all things darkness too, I think. Enjoy your break to the fullest!!

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    1. PD,
      Glad you enjoyed this walk. Thank you. An interesting tidbit. The first string of comments looked at the negative side of dark – especially in relationship to Ukraine. However, there is a current string of different aspects of positives! Thanks for part of that!

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  10. I’m throwing away my thesaurus. I only need to consult your beach walk posts!😉 Dark side of the moon is an interesting phrase. The darkness (and daylight) move around the moon, much like on earth, albeit much slower.

    Darkness is a good time to rest our eyes. So much to see and do in the light!

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  11. The comfort of velvety darkness – that wraps us up and calms the agitation of the day. The sleep in darkness that gives rest and refreshment… dark can be frightening and it can be welcoming. The difference is how you choose to see it!

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    1. Murisopsis,
      My first reply of a new day comes with a smile because your answer focuses on the positive side of dark. The thoughts are simple and the wording is perfect! Thank you for sharing! …. PS: I think you are a Valerie – correct?


  12. Coming late to post on this one – busy weekend! But I love all the thoughts people have had about the dark. Others have already said what came to my mind first – without dark there would be no light. One of my favorite times when at the beach is the last moments before the sun sets and you go from the “hot light” to the “cool dark” in a matter of moments…….knowing the light will be back soon gets all of us through the DARKEST of nights.

    Hugs, Pam

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    1. Pam,
      Sunset over water is a special time. Plus, it seems to serve as the official transition of light to dark – and those dark skies of night can provide a wonderful show os twinkling lights! Busy times happen in the blogging world – which will cause me to miss class tomorrow. 😦


    1. Christy!!!!
      Great to see you hear. It’s been a long time! I stopped aFa in early Feb 2020 as I knew the time was right. But, instead of just walking away, I had a long celebrated closing. Even at that time, I had the idea that I would reappear here – and even mentioned the possibility in the last post. I opened here in Oct 2020. I’ve settled into posting twice a week – Wed & Sat. But as you may have noticed, I just started a blog break – hopefully a short one. I invite you to see the Topics List tab/page because past walks are linked – so you may find something intriguing there. I’ll be over to visit soon!

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  13. Beautiful post, Frank! I’d add that it’s in the dark that we see the stars and the moon, and sometimes we need the dark to see the light. Hope everything is OK, and you have a great break!

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    1. Elizabeth,
      Thank you for the kind words. There is something about clear, dark skies and seeing the stars. I’ve never seen the Milky Way – but want to – so hopefully I will get myself into a remote location someday to take it the beauty – and I’m sure be awed. All is OK at this end, so the break was planned. 🙂

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  14. This left me thinking about the Dark Ages, so called for the lack of documentation. Yet people assume when Rome *fell* (which it didn’t) that the lights of learning, & of faith, went out in Europe. Did not.

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  15. There is so much to ponder about even words like “dark”. I was going to think of something illuminating to say but got stuck with the dark chocolate theme. We have been buying 85% dark chocolate lately and it certainly isn’t sweet. But it does taste good sprinkled on bananas with pecans for an afternoon treat. I hope you’re enjoying your break!

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  16. LOL for Dark shadows Frank – I remember rushing home from school to catch the latest episode! Quite the rage “back in the day”. As always, excellent exploration of the many meanings of dark. I was trying to think of some more positive phrases with dark but honestly couldn’t come up with anything!

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    1. Alegria,
      Welcome first-time commenter to my personal beach. I appreciate you walking along. This is a typical walk here, but topics change. In this case, a positive feeling from a dark topic. You mentioned light (although in a different way), but light was the topic in the previous two walks. I invite you to read them. Here’s the first one – then work your way forward. https://beachwalkreflections.wordpress.com/2022/02/26/117-light/ …. and if all goes as planned, the next walk will go live next Wednesday at 1 AM (US Eastern). Loved you Tuscan village posted. 😀

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  17. Hi frank
    You do such a great job with your posts!
    The depth and detail is just so well done – and I know I say that often – but can’t help saying it!
    The dark theme covered a lot and is worth another read or two !
    Enjoy your break –
    They seem to come at good times and then it gives readers a chance to get caught up here or reread some posts!

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    1. Yvette,
      Many thanks for the kind words. I take my time creating each walk. Although each topic is different, I try to maintain a common style and feeling. I know that you were not alone with your thoughts about this walk. Knowing that I took a walk that many thought would be negative, then turn it into a positive is a good thing – and I thrilled that you told me so. Simply thank you! 😀 Life is unexpectedly hectic here, but I’ll return on Wednesday.

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  18. As someone with “gothic” sensibilities, I’ve always have a taste for dark humor, death/black metal, horror films, gothic literature, and dystopian sci fi. The lure of the macabre and the morbid is a fascinating one.

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  19. What a beautiful video, Frank! I love how you took us on your walk, exploring the more negative sides of darkness. But you didn’t leave us there. You wound your thoughts back to a more positive side, ending with the lovely video of the stars. 💙⭐✨ Great Beach Walk!

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    1. Lisa,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. In general, staying on the positive side is me, but taking a positive view on this word was a trick – but also relatively easy to do. Glad you enjoyed the video. Picking out one wasn’t easy, bit the dark sjow has a way of capturing me.

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