123 – Yellow

Thanks to those wondering about my personal situation, which I forgot to mention in the last post. We are making progress, my wife’s father is settling into his new surroundings, and we are juggling various aspects of life – which has cut into my blog visits.

Click the video above for 2 minutes of background waves while reading.

I like to walk on the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

I don’t know how it got on my mind because I don’t see anything stimulating the thought. I don’t see it in the water, on the shells, or on anything natural on the beach. Maybe the box of Cheerios and the banana I had for breakfast triggered the thought. Was it the flag declaring Medium Warning conditions on the beach?

I realize the sun’s bright white light has a yellow hue, which reminds me that today’s sunrise displayed a brilliant yellow. I wonder: How much yellow will today’s sunset show?

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

Yellow is a color of the ROY G BIV spectrum rainbows display – the one sandwiched between orange and green – but it is not necessary to compare wavelengths.

Yellow reminds me of bananas, buttercups, canaries, corn, daffodils, egg yolks, goldenrod, lemons, saffron, squash, sunflowers, and many other flowers. Yellow is the color of scrambled eggs, omelets, mustard, cheese, butter, and macaroni and cheese. Let’s not forget bumblebees, yellow jackets, yellowtail fish, yellowfin tuna, markings on various insects, and one of the colors of autumn leaves.

Yellow is the color of school buses and the most prominent color of taxis. Paint and paper yellow as they age, but I doubt if yellow is the most common color of pencils for school these days.

Yellow isn’t nervous, jittery, or doubtful because yellow is a color of happiness, hope, and sunshine – of positive, creativity, humor, and fun – of warmth and calm. No wonder many clowns wear at least some yellow.

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.com

To others, yellow is a color of confidence and optimism – but also envy, sickness, and cowardice. Nobody wants to be designated a yellow belly or possess a yellow streak down their back; however, the sensationalism of yellow journalism also does the same – which has nothing to do with a yellow legal writing pad.

Whereas red means danger, yellow is about getting attention and being cautious. I think about how yellow is highly visible, so it serves to note caution and get attention, as in traffic lights, signs, large construction equipment, and worker clothing. Yellow also brings attention to signs and labels – and everyone is aware the golden arches are yellow.

I find it interesting that yellow is a primary color in painting but a secondary color in the system displaying colors on our electric screens by combining red and green. For personal printers, yellow is one of the four-color cartridges – along with black, cyan, and magenta.

Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Pexels.com

Yellow is one of the main food coloring bottles. We can combine red, blue, and yellow for brown; red and yellow for orange; and blue and yellow for green.

Yellow is the color of malaria, jaundice, yellow fever, toxic metals, and urine – even many plant diseases causing leaves to yellow. Although yellow is not a common color for gemstones, we can find yellow diamonds, yellow sapphires, and several others.

China has the Yellow River flowing into the Yellow Sea, but Dorothy followed the yellow brick road to the Emerald City – the capital of the Land of Oz, but not yellow or in China. I wonder if that road had yellow lines?

Yellow is a color on flags of many nations, regions, and cities, but some call it gold. The same goes for sports teams, but they may call it yellow-gold, which is different from the color gold. Let’s not forget that soccer has a yellow card, auto racing a yellow flag, and the Tour de France a yellow jersey – but all are for different reasons.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Music gives us Yellow Submarine, Mellow Yellow, Yellow River, Big Yellow Taxi, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Tie a Yellow Ribbon, and a warning of Don’t You Eat that Yellow Snow. We also know that yellow daffodils signal spring is on the way.

Returning to my starting point, I know my walk is over. The yellow flag remains to warn beach visitors, but I wonder if the last piece of yellow cake is still available. I look forward to my next walk because I like to walk on the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

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93 thoughts on “123 – Yellow”

  1. Our sons’ college colors are blue and maize…ie yellow! But we never say go maize or go yellow, we say Go Blue!
    My birthstone is Topaz…yellow. And the flower for November is a chrysanthemum…yellow ones in particular. I love the bright cheeriness of yellow, but sadly I can’t wear it, LOL!
    But at the moment I have an Easter tablecloth on our dinging table, the background of which is yellow!

    One of my earliest memories, (Age 3 or 4), was being in the ER to get stitches in my chin…and I distinctly recall the walls were tiled in yellow!

    Thanks for this sunny yellow post! I was thinking of one of my Aunts today, Yellow was one of her favorite colors…we all have scarves she wove and almost all of them have yellow in the designs.

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  2. You may be able to tell from my avatar that I am a fan of the movie franchise Star Wars (that’s a lightsaber/laser sword you can see in my avatar pic) and that story I feel was always about hope and rising above circumstances and adversity. The story in the series of films has come to an end and the heroine of the story was seen at the end of the final film with a laser sword with a YELLOW blade signifying balance, hope and optimism.
    Hopefully the sunset will be equally beautiful later today for you. Thanks.

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  3. Yellow is indeed a colour of the world Frank.. my yellow Osteospermums are flowering at the moment, and talking about yellow flowers, it’s important to note that the sunflower (in the photo above)is the National Flower of the Ukraine .. Yellow depicts the color of sunshine, hope, and happiness, let’s hope that peace comes to the Ukraine soon … below is the final stanza of a poem of mine that is not published yet (next Monday ) , a special sneak preview for you Frank

    After Day One 
    I wished for the dust to settle 
    Then waited for rusted gunmetal 
    To mature into household kettles  
    Whistling hallelujah to new sunflower petals 

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    1. Ivor,
      Yellow is a wonderful color for flowers – so cheers to your Osteospermums. Wow – I had no idea about the sunflower’s link to Ukraine. Cheers to my serendipitous lucky! Thanks for adding a bit of your upcoming (but now published) poem. I missed it – after all – you can tell I’m way behind!

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  4. I hope the situation with your wife’s Dad works out – I clearly remember when we had to re-home my Mom – it was a huge adjustment but very necessary and she did adjust in time. I have always thought of yellow as a happy color…..warm…..when I was painting adding a touch of yellow to the sky changed the entire mood of the painting no matter what ELSE was there. We can’t have too much light in the world…………

    Hugs, Pam

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    1. Maria,
      Welcome first-time commenter ot the sands of my cyberbeach. Glad you enjoyed this walk and many thanks for the post you shared about yellow. My apologies. Normally, I’m on top of responding to comments, but last week had me out of sorts for various reasons. Interacting with readers is typically one of my strengths – but whew – I missed the mark on this post – by a lot!

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  5. My sister is in the midst of moving her MIL into their home in FL. They are hoping that having good nutrition, monitored medicine intake and some company pause her slide into dementia…. Best of luck with the transition with your FIL!

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    1. Murisopsis,
      Thanks for sharing the info about your sister. Transition is important – and a strain – on all parties. I know my wife has had discussions with the facility trying to make sure the transition is smooth – but she has experienced some bumps – so she’s staying on top of the situation. Best wishes to your sister.


  6. My 10 year old granddaughter has always loved yellow! My mom (who only got to meet her great granddaughter twice), had a lifelong hatred of yellow—from something silly a boy unknown to her on her school bus said some odd 60 years prior, “only easy girls wear yellow.”
    Thank you for an entertaining post!

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  7. A delightful walk through yellow, Frank. My kitchen is painted bright yellow. Yellow isn’t my favorite color, except that I love yellow flowers, and the first thought that comes to my mind with yellow is sunny and happy.
    I’m glad your father-in-law is settling in to his new living place. I hope all goes well. 💙

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  8. I like yellow for the reasons you mention. I can’t wear the color but when it comes to decorating I like it. It’s cheerful and can be natural and seems to coordinate with all the other colors– or at least for me it does.

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  9. It sounds like perhaps we have been going through similar situations. We have been getting my mother-in-law settled into assisted living. Unfortunately she’s down in Georgia so we can’t hope as much as we want. I often ponder how yellow is the chakra color of the solar plexus. It is reputably the center related to self-esteem, personal power and transformation if one gives credence to the chakra system.

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    1. Kathy,
      A great distance is an obstacle when dealing with elder issues. Hopefully you have someone else who is nearby to do the heavy-lifting on the issues. Then again, being distant is also a frustration. Good luck! Meanwhile, regarding yellow, for some reason I’m not surprised that you honed in on yellow’s spirituality. Thanks for sharing!


      1. Oh heck! I’ve let the side down, Frank 🙄💟 I didn’t manage to fit any in! Supper was by the riverside here in Amarante and the desserts included strawberries, pineapple or melon in port wine. Does that count? I expect we’ll find some today. Hope you had a peaceful Easter. 🤗💗

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  10. I know yellow is a happy colour, hopeful and positive but I simply don’t like the word. I know that is silly but it simply doesn’t ring nicely on my ears. I have no concrete reason why. Maybe it’s because of the words yell and low and ow. Some words roll off the tongue beautifully but yellow doesn’t. It sounds like a whine and a sound of pain. I like what can be done with the colour yellow and how beautiful so many things can be that are that colour. But I don’t like the word.

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    1. Pam,
      Well now – you’ve given me a unique take about yellow. While I focus on the color, you focus on the word and the sound of that word. Then again, I’m sure all of have words we don’t like …. but at can’t think of mine – well, at least at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. Yellow? I thought. How can Frank make that interesting? But as usual you make the mundane come alive for us and make us too more aware. May the transition with your wife’s father be successful and best for all. Yellow is light and sun for me.

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  12. I enjoy finding yellow houses, Frank. They aren’t as common as other colors, and they’re always a pleasant surprise. I think you’ve covered most all the yellows out there, but it still gets our attention, Good job!

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  13. I love yellow but I can’t wear it as it makes my skin look sallow. I think a yellow kitchen is bright and attractive and I had a yellow 1975 VW Super Beetle for many years. Right now there are lots of yellow flowers here. I’m glad things are getting better for you. I understand the difficulties of taking care of a parent. ❤

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  14. I can’t wear yellow, but I do love how cheery it is! And it’s amazing how many flowers come in yellow, from tulips and daffodils to roses and daisies. Happy to join you on your beach walk this morning, Frank!

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  15. I use a lot of yellow in my garden. I have always said it is a happy color, and for me, it really is. I love the list of songs you named with “yellow” in the title. Many are favorites. Perhaps I was subliminally influenced by my happy color. 🙂

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  16. Yellow in all of its many splendored shades is a great color. And just saying, I love sliced bananas on my Cheerios (Which is my favorite cereal).

    And do you remember when they came out with the drink Mello Yello in the 80s? The gimmick was that unlike most carbonated beverages, you could guzzle the stuff. Although I didn’t really care for the flavor, it was a cool can.

    And yellow . . the Golden Arches. Which, sadly, was not featured in The Wizard of Oz, since it didn’t exist just yet.

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  17. Yellow, an important colour, but not my fave.
    When I was a tween, and was at summer camp, our cabin’s girls were all telling our fave colours. One girl said “yellow”.
    Everyone was like ewww!
    I said why yellow. She said ” feel sorry for it.”
    Then I felt sorry for it, and would tell people it yellow was my fave colour.
    Ahh, Frank, you bring out some odd memories in me.

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  18. well Frank, as you learned from my recent post, yellow is not my favorite color but of course it is all the things you’ve said and then some. And of course it’s our perceived color of the sun which we could not live without and which warms our days and lifts our moods. So thank you for the reminder of all the wonderful things yellow is. I shall have to revise my opinion now LOL.

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  19. Stellar list. Fun to read about everything yellow. We are currently inundated with yellow here in Arizona,. Even though our wild flowers have passed, the Palo Verde trees are blooming profusely.

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    1. Donna,
      Thank you. Interestingly, Janet said the same thing about the yellow blooms this season. But when you think about it, yellow is applicable to each of us in many ways. This one was fun to write – especially as I work to include the colors of the spectrum. 🙂

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  20. So many lovely thoughts on yellow! I love the color yellow in flowers and bright sunny days. Although I rarely wear it, I am happy to have it all around me! Such a bright, cheery post, Frank!!


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